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Your path to self-care: 6 Steps

Zeit für Self-Care 03.03.21 5 min. read

self-care become part of our everyday lives, a revolution can mean: You can affect how we perceive ourselves in our environment, deal with challenging situations and our relationships. The wonderful thing about it?

The way there must be neither complicated heavy. Because it is about the many little moments - and about making conscious decisions in them. Not final, not huge, not spectacular. But clearly and firmly. The more positive experiences we can collect it, the easier it can make us even fall over time, we around us take care of yourself.

And because we can all use a little inspiration for me, we have you collected a few suggestions here:

Your way to self-care: 6 small steps

  1. Learn to say no code
  2. Concentrate on one thing
  3. Be curious
  4. earth you!
  5. Be contradictory
  6. sleep healthy
  7. can succeed
  8. As self-love

1. Learn to say no

you tend to lose you and your needs again and again out of sight and to make the back? Then it can work wonders, likely to set limits and to communicate these with a resounding "No".

We must not make us so much at once. Maybe we can just reflect times when we said the last time "yes", although we felt deep inside "no." How did that feel? There are certain emotions that we can name it? Maybe we can claim the next time a little reflection we: That can give us the precious chance to listen to us before we reply


second Concentrate on one thing

Do you know that if you're all about one thing and forget everything around you? This condition by we are neither over- nor feel challenged and completely in the present moment we can "flow" means.

As soon as we try to do more than one thing at the same time, however, we can deprive us of this quite pleasant state, at least in part.

Even banal acting things can feel good when we engage fully on them. And vice versa, even a job, in which we have joy, become a burden if we are not quite to the point. So a careful drunk cup of tea and a few conscious breaths can we possibly more relaxing than rushing between appointments to yoga or sports: Intention take action - how we do something may be more important than < strong> what we do.

third Be curious

We all know and love these days when we are really in a good mood: We are open, curious and do not know where to put our energy. In the self-care, it is not necessarily about to feel this every day - in the long run would probably even exhausting. But while we retain an open mind, it helps us not to fall in (negative) thought patterns and to remain flexible in the head.

to learn

Something we connect sometimes even from school days with a certain compulsion. What if we make ourselves free from them and follow our very natural curiosity to drift us about it? Maybe there is something you've always said really exciting - maybe You did not come to or have somehow lost sight


Among the many benefits of the digital world is it that you can find on almost any topic some great documentaries. Perhaps there is an alternative or in addition, a book that you can carry out on the subject to heart. Maybe you'll even have a workshop or course for beginners that? This can not only create a sense of achievement, but we on top of that fresh energy and give things new, let look different and full of possibilities.

fourth Earth like

Just when we are working on the PC, we are often a large part of the day away in our head. And otherwise in our digital world, the range of our senses can even be neglected. There are countless ways to feel again more and more perceive the connection between mind and body.

If you have left just a little time, that can mean for you perhaps a walk in the woods, a peaceful yoga session or a long bath. But even a dance session or sports may belong. And to you too in between times to retrieve from the world of your thoughts back to reality, to breathing exercises are excellent, as you can find them now to satisfy in different apps or YouTube videos.

fifth Is contradictory

We have to prove anything to anyone: neither our boss, even our friends or our family - and certainly not ourselves and foremost we are our feelings, our inner voice committed.. If we manage to trust her and listen, we can experience how it feels when the inner and outer world in harmony.

You hear mostly indie, but you is just more so after Metal? You feed you really well, but have time today in the mood for pizza and ice cream? You are sometimes a little workaholic, but you'd prefer tomorrow spontaneously take time off? Life is too short to squeeze into a drawer.

6th Sleep healthy

Last but not least, can also be an important basis sufficient sleep in order to feel good. Because our mental state and sleep are so closely connected [1] that enough sleep we might do not only healthier [2], but also ensure a better mood can [3].

Perhaps means self-care for you indeed a little relaxation ritual before bedtime. Accompany you can, for example, the The Good Night Cream code: With soothing Palo Santo aroma and a small massage you may turn all the needs of your senses focus. And thanks to its composition with hemp extract may additionally relax you might.

"Even the longest journey begins with a first step"

What did you most surprised on the list? What would you like to implement the ideas first?

There will be days when we are better at doing us any good, and days when it will be for us harder. The main thing is that we do not lose ourselves in the eyes, always listen in and again in us and act from time to time thereafter. Because ". Even the longest journey begins with a single step" - The well-known quotation from Confucius applies today and also for our self-care



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code [3] Effects of sleep deprivation on performance: a meta-analysis
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