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As soon as you have been approved for the This Place Affiliate Program, you will find the various affiliate links in your account area. Let us know on which channels you would like to promote This Place in order to then earn money on your first affiliate advertisement.

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The more This Place affiliate links you share, the more money you will make. With the This Place Affiliate Program, there is no limit to how much you can earn. You will receive 10% commission on the sales generated through your affiliate links - even after 60 days.

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Together with our trustworthy partner Webgains, we guarantee exact tracking with a cookie window of 60 days. Text links, deep links, banners, email templates, and data feeds are just some of the methods you can use to promote This Place.

Your benefits of the This Place affiliate program

Attractive commissions

Receive 10% commission on your sales and scalable commission groups for scalable results.

60 days cookie activity

If a customer came across you, but only bought something after 60 days, you will still receive your commission.

User-friendly platform

Our platform is kept simple and clear. So you can focus on what you enjoy the most.

High conversion rate

Benefit from an online shop optimized for conversion rates.

High level of This Place brand awareness

This Place is known from various media and newspapers such as VOGUE, BILD, GRAZIA and STERN.

A great team that will support you at all times

We are always there for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, our affiliate team is always ready to listen to you.