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Test Now - #SleepWell

Test Now - #SleepWell

: relaxing sleep cream with Melatonin and CBD, ideal for your calming evening routine.

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Für Dein perfektes Home-Spa-Erlebnis: So bereitest Du das Baden mit The Mineral Bath vor.

The perfect introduction to your new home spa ritual

Tip 1: Have a towel or something similar ready that you can use as a headrest during the bath. When your head is softly bedded, it is even easier for you to relax.
Tip 2: Listen to a quiet story or soft sounds as a soundtrack for your perfect self-care moment.
Tip 3: Plan a time window that allows you to continue rest and relaxation after the bath.
Tip 4: Please do not mix The Mineral Bath with shower gel, bath foam or other bath additives. This is the only way to achieve the best possible care effect from The Mineral Bath.
Tip 5: Pat yourself gently after the bath. You will immediately feel how a delicate protective film envelops your skin. The application of a body cream is not necessary.

Genieße Wellness in Vollendung in Deiner Badewanne  mit dem The Mineral Bath-Ritual

5 self-care steps to perfect wellness & relaxation

Self-Care Step 1: Add the desired amount of The Mineral Bath to the warm bath water and listen to the gentle tingle as the care crystals melt into the water.
Self-Care Step 2: Breathe in and out deeply.
Self-care step 3: slowly immerse yourself in your mineral bath and consciously arrive in the warm water with body and mind. Notice how your body perception changes in the water.
Self-Care Step 4: Close your eyes and enjoy the moment with you.
Self-care step 5: Feel how the relaxation that occurs lets your body and soul almost float. How do you feel now?

Your experience is important to us! Let's share your ritual with The Mineral Bath on Instagram!

Lanserhof, Deutschlands führendes Health Resort

This Place x Lanserhof: for the perfect fusion of pampering spa, clarifying detox and holistic self-care

Revitalize life forces and activate self-healing powers:
No other place is more committed to the well-being of its guests than Lanserhof. Lanserhof has received multiple awards for its symbiotic concept of modern naturopathy and interdisciplinary cutting-edge medicine and is Germany's leading health resort. The focus is on an individual therapeutic approach that is tailored to the needs of the guests.
As a perfect fusion of pampering spa, clarifying detox and holistic self-care, Lanserhof relies on The Mineral Bath as part of its detox programs.
Thanks to its reharmonizing effect, the mineral bath enables a moment of complete lightness and relaxation. At the same time, the care crystals remineralize the skin and wrap it in a smooth, protective film of moisture-retaining cocoa butter. But not only Lanserhof guests enjoy this self-care moment.
With The Mineral Bath you experience luxurious home spa moments in your bathroom.

Epsom-Salz ist der Hauptbestandteil im The Mineral Bath

Suppleness, regeneration and well-being thanks to Epsom salt

Epsom salt has been used as a regenerative treatment since the early 17th century. Discovered by chance in a thermal water spring in Epsom, a suburb of London, the magnesium-rich mineral laid the foundation for the construction of one of the first spa towns in England. Even today, Epsom salt is popular in spas and floatation centers for its revitalizing properties, where it is often the main ingredient in pools.
In the mineral bath from This Place, however, Epsom salt is not only used for relaxation and relaxation. Rather, Epsom salt supports the cleansing processes of your skin. At the same time, it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, over which your fingertips will glide gently long after the bath.

Kakaobohnen für die Herstellung von Kakaobutter

Delicate melting and nourishing protective film from the cocoa bean

Obtained directly from the cocoa bean, cocoa butter exudes a particularly delicate, warm cocoa aroma. Its mixture of saturated and unsaturated natural fatty acids, in combination with amino acids and minerals, strengthens the nourishing lipid film of your skin.
Since cocoa butter locks in the moisture in your skin, it is a blessing even for particularly dry skin areas. At the same time, cocoa butter promotes the elasticity of your skin and
forms a moisturizing protective cover.
Cocoa butter envelops the mineral mixture in the care crystals of the Mineral Bath.

Rosmarin ergängt den Synergiekomplex aus Epsom-Salz, CBD und Kakaobutter im Mineral Bath

Promote your feeling of lightness: rosemary

In the Mineral Bath, rosemary shows that it is more than just one of many kitchen spices. Rosemary is traditionally used externally to promote blood circulation in your skin. Together with CBD, rosemary supports the relaxation of tense muscles - and creates a feeling of lightness. This natural medicinal plant is also valued for its anti-inflammatory effect. Rosemary can therefore help your skin to heal blemishes and minor injuries more quickly.

The Mineral Bath - das erste Badepulver von This Place

This Place: Functional natural cosmetics for the highest quality standards

When highly effective natural ingredients come together in a gentle formulation, when the latest findings from research and science are incorporated into the development of a product and when regular laboratory analyzes are standard - then we are talking about the quality of This Place products. A quality for the highest demands: namely yours.
Our understanding of quality does not just include the pure This Place product itself. Because we also follow our holistic approach here: Quality begins with the conceptual development of a product. After all, each of This Place's products solves one of your problems - which in turn brings more quality into your everyday life.
In addition, we attach just as much importance to the careful composition of ingredients as to vegan production. And of course you only hold a sustainably produced outer packaging in your hands with us.


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