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The Glow: Clinically confirmed anti-inflammatory effects

We had always believed The Glow to have anti-inflammatory properties. The zinc ointment contained within is already a well-known anti-inflammatory — and The Glow also contains other powerful plant-based components, making it much more than a simple zinc cream. 

The following study induced inflammation on a reconstructed model of human skin (a standard procedure in biochemical research) and then treated the skin with both The Glow and a skin cream placebo. By analysing the pathways and indicators of inflammation, it was then possible to measure the strength of the reactions in each case and compare the two.

The result: The Glow was able to reduce some characteristics of inflammation by up to 98%! The effect was also statistically significant. In short, The Glow demonstrated partial anti-inflammatory effects.

The Glow: CBD facial cream with Zinc

Our revitalising CBD facial cream The Glow with hemp extract is much more than a zinc cream with CBD. With its powerful combination of hyaluronan and valuable plant extracts, The Glow is a facial cream that’s unlike any other. 

The natural synergies that arise when these valuable essences join forces make your face radiate even when it feels dull and pale. We aren’t kidding when we say that our facial cream has anti-inflammatory properties; a recent study has actually proven them to be up to 98% effective at reducing some signs of inflammation.

How do I apply The Glow?

The Glow can be used like a primer: Put a dime sized amount of the powerful CBD cream into the palm of one of your hands and gently rub it around with the other so that it warms up both your hands. It’s an easy and pleasant process that also helps release the cream’s unique fragrance. Then, use your fingertips to apply the cream gently in circles on your face, ideally until it’s completely absorbed.

Do you want to get the most out of using our refreshing facial cream? Then why not turn this application process into a little ritual for yourself: Rituals are important because they create a valuable framework to support and sustain us, not only in moments in crisis but in our everyday lives, too. And by merely applying a product to your face or body, you’re carving out a moment for yourself, one that breaks through the mundane and gets you back in touch with yourself. So if you have a few minutes, as you apply The Glow in circles to the curves of your face, take the opportunity to connect each of your movements with your breathing, and savour this moment of peace and strength for your well-being.

Hyaluronic cream: Why we use hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic creams and serums are very popular in modern skincare. And not without good reason: Hyaluronic acid is a basic building block of healthy skin. It’s small but mighty: it can ‘retain’ large amounts of liquid and thus keep it hydrated. If the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels are too low, it can lead to dry skin. As the levels rebalance, the skin regains its elasticity and the appearance or formation of new wrinkles can decrease. The ‘moisture cushioning’ produced by hyaluronan also allows the surrounding cells to be optimally supplied with water and nutrients, so that the skin can serve as the safe protective shell it was always meant to be.

Quality is a non-negotiable

Research & development based on the latest scientific findings, the highest caliber ingredients, dermatological studies and regular laboratory analyses — this is how we create the unique quality of This Place products. It applies to the functional and fragrant plant extracts in our CBD creams, as well as to carrier ingredients and other components. For us, the principle of quality pertains not only to the final products but also to the process we use to build them. Hence, vegan and fair trade production and sustainably manufactured packaging material are integral parts of our definition of quality.


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