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5 Self-Care-Schritte zu strahlend schöner Haut mit The Intense Glow

5 self-care steps to radiantly beautiful skin with The Glow

Self-care step 1: Deliberately apply a hazelnut-sized amount of cream in your clean palm.

Self-Care Step 2: Breathe in and out deeply.

Self-Care Step 3: Begin gently spreading the cream between your palms. This is how you gently warm up the modern alternative to the typical zinc ointment. Consciously direct your attention to the light cream texture between your hands. Enjoy the invigorating scent that The Glow exudes.

Self-care step 4: Gently spread the cream outwards from the center of your face. Be careful not to pull the delicate skin under your eyes! From the chin to the chin line as well as from the bridge of the nose to the hairline, however, you can massage a little harder. This is how you promote blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin. During the facial massage, concentrate entirely on yourself and on noticing the signals from your body. Feel The Glow melt into your skin.

Self-Care Step 5: Feel the relaxation set in. How do you feel now?

Your experience is important to us! Let's share your ritual with The Glow on Instagram!

The Glow hydratisiert und harmonisiert Dein Hautbild mit einem naturstarken Komplex aus Zink, Zimtrinde, Hyaluron und CBD.

What is so special about The Glow?

If you take a look at the products from This Place, you will notice one thing very quickly: At This Place, functionality is always in the foreground. Based on this claim, each of our natural cosmetic products is based on exquisite, powerful ingredients. In combination with our understanding of quality, this also means that at This Place we rely on ingredients that are characterized by clean beauty.

The Glow

The Glow, our nourishing face cream, combines CBD (short for "cannabidiol") with other natural ingredients into a moisturizing complex with a skin-soothing effect.

Obtained as a valuable extract from the hemp plant, CBD can be easily absorbed through the skin via the body's own receptors. It can therefore have a positive effect on your inner balance. Traditionally, CBD is also considered an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
Hyaluronic acid is a basic building block of your skin. As an ingredient, hyaluronic acid is particularly impressive as a potent moisture store. As little as 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can bind several liters of water. If the hyaluron level in your skin is too low, this can lead to dry skin. With its padding effect, hyaluronic acid supports the elasticity of your skin and reduces lines and wrinkles. Your skin appears moisturized and smoothed.
Zinc in the form of zinc creams is no longer an insider tip. The zinc oxide in The Glow can help protect your skin. It is antiseptic, acts against pathogens and inflammation and promotes wound healing.
And that's why The Glow is more than "just" a CBD face cream, a hyaluron cream or a zinc cream. It's all that - plus that little something extra.

Funktionale Naturkosmetik mit CBD und Zink

This Place: Functional natural cosmetics for the highest quality standards

When highly effective natural ingredients come together in a gentle formulation, when the latest findings from research and science are incorporated into the development of a product and when regular laboratory analyzes are standard - then we are talking about the quality of This Place products. A quality for the highest demands, namely yours. Our understanding of quality does not just include the pure This Place product itself. Because we also follow our holistic approach here: Quality begins with the conceptual development of a product. After all, each of This Place's products solves one of your problems - which in turn brings more quality into your everyday life. In addition, we attach just as much importance to the careful composition of ingredients as to vegan, fair production. And of course you only hold a sustainably produced outer packaging in your hands with us.

What skin type is The Glow suitable for?

There are as many skin types as there are people: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin... So if you're wondering if The Glow is specifically for your skin type, our answer is: a great deal probability yes. The balanced formulation of this soothing and at the same time hydrating facial care contains CBD in addition to extracts from the hemp plant and hyaluronic acid, which is considered a powerful moisture booster. At This Place, we also avoid using synthetic preservatives or synthetic perfumes that could irritate your skin (or your nose).

The Glow - CBD Gesichtscreme mit Zink

The Glow: CBD face cream with zinc

It's obvious: face creams are a dime a dozen. It is all the more important to us at This Place that you understand how The Glow differs from other face creams - and what advantages this brings you. Our revitalizing face cream The Glow with hemp extract is more than just an innovative zinc cream with CBD. Because thanks to the powerful combination of hyaluronic acid and valuable plant extracts, The Glow is a face cream that has never existed before. Powerful natural essences come together here to make your facial skin shine when it feels dull and pale. At the same time, the clinically proven anti-inflammatory properties of The Glow help pimples and blemishes to subside.

Entzündungshemmende Gesichtscreme

The Glow has clinically proven anti-inflammatory effects.

The Glow has an anti-inflammatory effect - we have always suspected that. It is well known that zinc ointment is anti-inflammatory - and The Glow comes with other powerful plant substances and is therefore much more than a simple zinc cream.
Now we have had this effect scientifically investigated:
In the study, an inflammatory reaction was induced in a reconstructed model of human skin - a standard procedure in biochemical research. The skin was then treated with either The Glow or a skin cream placebo so that the reactions could be compared.
Using an analysis of the inflammation markers, it was then possible to check how strong the inflammatory reaction was in each case.

The result: The Glow was able to inhibit the creation of some markers by up to 98%! The effect was also statistically significant.


  • Where can I buy This Place products offline?

    We are pleased to announce that you can also buy This Place products offline from selected partners. You can currently get This Place in the following stores: Werte Freunde, Großer Burstah 42 (Hamburg) - Wheadon, Steinstraße 17 (Berlin) - Ohia, Torstraße 103 (Meditationszentrum) (Berlin) - Ludwig Beck, Marienplatz 11 (München) and in the following Kauf Dich Glücklich stores: Schulterblatt 1 (Hamburg) - Rosenthaler Str. 17 (Berlin) - Große Eschenheimer Str. 39 (Frankfurt) - Schellingstr. 23 (München) - Reichenbachstr. 14 (München) - Kirchengasse 9 (Wien)

  • Why Did We Develop a Ritual For Each Product?

    This Place views holistic health as a comprehensive lifestyle that takes into account physical, emotional and mental self-care in equal measure. The products therefore not only focus on their physical effect, but are also linked to rituals that are intended to promote your well-being in the long term. Rituals provide support and stability in your fast-paced everyday life. They also use your brain's ability to adapt and change over time. Through the regular practice of rituals, you can positively influence thinking and behaviour patterns and boost your mental health. This Place products are designed to make rituals an easy part of your skincare routine and create a daily moment of inner connection. In the long term, they aim to help you live a fuller and happier life.

  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering whether you should use our CBD-containing products during this time?

    First of all: Congratulations - you are about to experience the miracle of life up close! Unfortunately, this also means that at this point in time we cannot recommend our products to you with a clear conscience. This is not because CBD is known to harm your child; but rather that the research on this particular point is still not enough to say. This means that even if negative effects have not yet been observed, it cannot be ruled out that this could still happen in the future. The well-being of our customers is always our top priority. Until the last doubt is dispelled, it will stay that way: We cannot recommend any products containing CBD to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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