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Laura Simonow

Co-Founder This Place

"We want to inspire people to establish Selfcare not only as a ritual, but as a holistic way of life. This Place is designed to help them improve their health in a sustainable way and raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle."

"Many people today have problems falling asleep or feel an inner restlessness, have tension or irritated skin. Nature has a solution ready for many areas of application."

"This Place is based on three elements: Each product should create an olfactory moment, because we firmly believe in the effect via the sense of smell. In addition, the special formulation plays an important role: in each cream, different ingredients from nature are combined in such a way that they can unfold their full power together. And then, for us, our products are not just about cosmetics, but above all about a supporting effect. Each product is therefore designed for a specific area of application. We spent more than a year researching in the laboratory, looking for the right compositions for our creams."