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Period pain, restless sleep, tense muscles and facial skin that is not in balance - while we cannot completely take it away, we can make sure that you still feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.

Laura Simonow

Co-Founder This Place

For Laura, it has long been clear: self-care should not be a "quick fix," not be stuffed into overcrowded daily routines on top of everything else. It should create space, not occupy even more space. In order to express this conviction and make it tangible for others, she relies on profound knowledge, creativity and her love of nature.

This results in products that sustainably maintain and promote health in a natural way and raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle, without using our planet's resources more than is absolutely necessary.

For Laura, functionality always comes first - so each of her products has a very specific area of application. In combination with specially created rituals, support is created here in a natural way in important areas of life.

Because life is made up of moments. And if we manage to make our modest contribution to making your life a little easier, a little more carefree, a little more beautiful - one moment at a time - a lot has already been done.