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Period pain, restless sleep, tense muscles and facial skin that's not in balance - we can't simply conjure these things away. But we can make you feel a little better in your skin.

Laura Simonow

Founder & CEO of This Place

For Laura, it has long been clear: self-care should not be a "quick fix," not be stuffed into overcrowded daily routines on top of everything else. It should create space, not occupy even more space. In order to express this conviction and make it tangible for others, she relies on profound knowledge, creativity and her love of nature.

This results in products that sustainably maintain and promote health in a natural way and raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle, without using our planet's resources more than is absolutely necessary.

For Laura, functionality always comes first - so each of her products has a very specific area of application. In combination with specially created rituals, support is created here in a natural way in important areas of life.

Because life is made up of moments. And if we manage to make our modest contribution to making your life a little easier, a little more carefree, a little more beautiful - one moment at a time - a lot has already been done.

Our Product Philosophy & Quality Promise

Our products represent the principles of serenity, empathy, and mindfulness about what our bodies are trying to tell us. They pamper the skin and delightfully indulge the senses, while triggering restorative reactions deep within our body’s cells. We focus on prevention, regeneration and long-lasting relief. We don't believe in short-term solutions that only serve as a band-aid for temporary relief.

Following this belief, each of our products can do much more than simply soothe an individual issue. Rather, our entire collection is designed to empower your body with a holistic sense of well-being. 

It goes without saying that the ingredients in our creams are tested under strict guidelines and selected according to both ethical and ecological criteria. They use natural synergies to bring out the maximum potential of our botanicals. Our creams contain a powerful combination of classic and exotic herbal extracts that have been used for centuries in herbal therapies. The addition of CBD from hemp extract helps to balance and activate the body's own self-healing powers.

Each time you use one of our products is an opportunity to practice an easy self-care ritual that brings the complex systems of your body into harmony, so that every day becomes an exceptional one.

All products from This Place have been formulated by multidisciplinary experts based on the latest scientific research. They are uncompromisingly 100% natural, vegan, environmentally and dermatologically friendly. No animals were harmed in their creation. They create a comfort zone to help you navigate period pain, restless sleep, tense muscles and skin irritation.

We guarantee the highest level of quality and transparency, and a performance that is underpinned by loving care. We consistently avoid potentially harmful additives and fillers to ensure compatibility with your body. Nothing that we wouldn't use ourselves ever leaves our workshop. For us, sustainability is at the heart of both our motivation and our responsibility. And that’s reflected every step of the way, from our production to our packaging. 


This Place is deeply committed to helping you be kind to yourself and live in harmony with your surroundings. Our promise is to offer you only the very best we can.