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: relaxing sleep cream with Melatonin and CBD, ideal for your calming evening routine.

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5 Self-Care-Schritten zu entspannten Muskeln mit The Blissful Day

5 self-care steps with The Blissful Day

Self-care step 1: Deliberately apply the desired amount of cream in the palm of your hand. 

Self-Care Step 2: Breathe in and out deeply. 

Self-Care Step 3: Begin gently spreading the cream between your palms. This is how you gently warm up the modern alternative to arnica ointment. Consciously draw your attention to the cream between your hands. Enjoy the gentle scent exuded by The Blissful Day. 

Self-care step 4: Concentrate entirely on yourself during the circling task. Make sure you're listening to your body's signals. Feel how the pleasant consistency of the cream glides over your skin. To increase the relaxing effect, massage the muscle cream into the affected skin area for at least 2 minutes. 

Self-Care Step 5: Feel the relaxation set in. How do you feel now? 

Your experience is important to us! Let's share your ritual with The Blissful Day on Instagram!

Wohltuende Muskelcreme mit CBD und Arnika

What is so special about The Blissful Day?

If you take a look at the products from This Place, you will notice one thing very quickly: At This Place, functionality is always in the foreground. Based on this claim, each of our natural cosmetic products is based on exquisite, powerful ingredients. In combination with our understanding of quality, this also means that at This Place we rely on ingredients that are characterized by clean beauty.

The Blissful Day

The Blissful Day, our soothing cream for muscle pain, combines CBD (short for "cannabidiol") and real arnica with proven ingredients into a powerful active complex.

Obtained as a valuable extract from the hemp plant, CBD can be easily absorbed through the skin via the body's own receptors. It can therefore have a positive effect on your balance. Traditionally, CBD is said to have a relaxing and pain-relieving effect.

Arnika montana is also popularly known as "Bergwohl rental". And the name fits - because the real arnica does not only grow in the mountains of Europe, but is actually known for "giving you well". For example, arnica ointment has long been used to relieve stressed muscles and joints. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that are said to help with this. However, This Place's innovative muscle cream is anything but a simple arnica ointment! Because as well as arnica may have proven itself, for example, as an ointment for bruises or as an ointment for pain - in combination with other plant substances, it can do much more!

The extract from the bark of the maritime pine, similar to the contained turmeric, supplements antioxidant effects. In addition, maritime pine is said to promote or restore mobility and flexibility of joints.

And while the birch might seem nondescript to most, in The Blissful Day it adds to the impact. Their detoxifying, cleansing and wound-healing properties can support your skin's self-help processes.

The Blissful Day ist eine wohltuende Creme mit CBD und Arnika. Sie dient als Soft Support bei Muskelschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen und Nackenverspannungen.
Funktionale Naturkosmetik


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