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Your ritual with Play It Cool

5 self-care steps to a radiant eye area thanks to 4-finger mini massage with Play It Cool

Self-Care Step 1: Deliberately apply the desired amount of eye gel to a clean fingertip. If your eye area is swollen, we recommend briefly cooling your fingers with cold water in advance.

Self-Care Step 2: Take deep breaths in and out. Feel how your abdomen rises and falls.

Self-Care Step 3: Begin to gently spread the gel over your eye area. Direct your attention to the nourishing texture under your fingertips.

Self-Care Step 4: Place your index and middle fingers at the level of the root of your nose. Slowly glide your fingertips over your upper eyelid in a semicircle from the inner corner of your eye outward. Bring your fingertips below your eyes back to the inner corner of your eyes - and then slide your fingers to the level of your eyebrows, approximately in the middle of the root of your nose. With a little more pressure, draw from there over your eyebrow area. Continue this movement over your temples to the hairline. Bring your fingers back to the starting position below your eyes. Repeat this exercise 5 times. In this way, you promote blood circulation in the deeper skin layers and support the decongestion of your eye area.

Self-care step 5: Feel how your gaze opens. How do you feel now?

Your experience is important to us! Share your ritual with Play It Cool on Instagram!

How Play It Cool complements your holistic care ritual

The skin under your eyes is not only delicate but also up to five times thinner than skin in any other part of your body. And hardly any other area of your skin is exposed to comparable strains day after day: sun, wind, stress, and, last but not least, your facial expressions also leave their mark.

If you adapt the care of your eye area to its needs, you support a radiant appearance while smoothing your skin.

Play It Cool is a gentle care formula that protects the skin around your eyes from environmental stress and free radicals.

At the same time, you provide the eye area with potent ingredients that prevent it from drying out. Thanks to a 360° care effect, dry and flaky areas are smoothed.

The protective lipids in Play It Cool also balance the supply of valuable oils, which can fall short due to the lower number of sebaceous glands in this area.

Play It Cool - Your beauty hacks

Experience a particularly cool moment - and store the eye gel in the refrigerator. Thus, you revive your eye area with an extra freshness kick. Of course, the formula is suitable for regular refrigerator temperatures.

Especially if your skin tends to puffiness in warmer temperatures, Combined with the 4-finger mini massage, Play It Cool can offer you a depuffing moment on the go. So don't forget to carry the eye gel in your Skin-Care Pouch as a constant companion at your side!

By the way: If you caught a little too much product, treat your lip contour with the eye gel. In this way, you can prevent rough or dry spots and supply your lip contours with hyaluronic acid.

Combined with a drop of our facial oils The Morning Glow or The Evening Glow, Play It Cool also makes for an effective eye mask, which you can prepare for yourself at any time. Spread the rest of your mask on your face after the desired exposure time.

What is the difference between an eye gel and an eye cream?

The Play It Cool eye gel with its light texture is particularly suitable for a quick wake-up call or as an eye opener in between. Thanks to the depuffing effect of the 4-finger mini massage, you promote an eye-opening look together with the application of the gel. And since the gel leaves no film, you can start applying makeup shortly after the application.

If you feel that your eye area needs a rich texture and deep intensive care or you want to pamper your skin, especially during evening care, a rich eye cream like Between The Lines is a good choice.


  • Where can I buy This Place products offline?

    We are pleased to announce that you can also buy This Place products offline from selected partners. You can currently get This Place in the following stores: Werte Freunde, Großer Burstah 42 (Hamburg) - Wheadon, Steinstraße 17 (Berlin) - Ohia, Torstraße 103 (Meditationszentrum) (Berlin) - Ludwig Beck, Marienplatz 11 (München) and in the following Kauf Dich Glücklich stores: Schulterblatt 1 (Hamburg) - Rosenthaler Str. 17 (Berlin) - Große Eschenheimer Str. 39 (Frankfurt) - Schellingstr. 23 (München) - Reichenbachstr. 14 (München) - Kirchengasse 9 (Wien)

  • Why Did We Develop a Ritual For Each Product?

    This Place views holistic health as a comprehensive lifestyle that takes into account physical, emotional and mental self-care in equal measure. The products therefore not only focus on their physical effect, but are also linked to rituals that are intended to promote your well-being in the long term. Rituals provide support and stability in your fast-paced everyday life. They also use your brain's ability to adapt and change over time. Through the regular practice of rituals, you can positively influence thinking and behaviour patterns and boost your mental health. This Place products are designed to make rituals an easy part of your skincare routine and create a daily moment of inner connection. In the long term, they aim to help you live a fuller and happier life.

  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering whether you should use our CBD-containing products during this time?

    First of all: Congratulations - you are about to experience the miracle of life up close! Unfortunately, this also means that at this point in time we cannot recommend our products to you with a clear conscience. This is not because CBD is known to harm your child; but rather that the research on this particular point is still not enough to say. This means that even if negative effects have not yet been observed, it cannot be ruled out that this could still happen in the future. The well-being of our customers is always our top priority. Until the last doubt is dispelled, it will stay that way: We cannot recommend any products containing CBD to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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