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Entzündungshemmende Gesichtscreme

The Glow: Anti-inflammatory Face Cream with a scientifically proven effect

It it well-known that zinc ointments can have an anti-inflammatory effect. However – while pure zinc ointments are not intended for daily skincare rituals – The Glow, with its balanced formulation blending hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients, helps your skin glow day after day.

This Place had the effect behind your glow scientifically examined in 2021. In a clinical study, an inflammatory reaction was induced in a reconstructed model of human skin. This is a standard procedure in biochemical research to simulate the formation of blemishes, for instance. Subsequently, this inflamed skin was treated either with The Glow or with a skin cream placebo to compare the reactions. An analysis of the inflammation markers revealed the extent of the inflammatory reaction in each case.

The result: The Glow was able to inhibit the formation of important inflammatory markers by up to 98%! This clear-cut result speaks for itself—and for your personal glow!

How Play it Cool complements your holistic care ritual

The skin under your eyes is not only delicate but also up to five times thinner than skin in any other part of your body. And hardly any other area of your skin is exposed to comparable strains day after day: sun, wind, stress and, last but not least, your facial expressions also leave their mark.

If you adapt the care of your eye area to its needs, you support a radiant appearance while smoothing your skin.

Play it Cool is a gentle care formula that protects the skin around your eyes from environmental stress and free radicals.

At the same time, you provide the eye area with potent ingredients that prevent it from drying out. Thanks to a 360° care effect, dry and flaky areas are smoothed.
The protective lipids in Play it Cool also balance the supply of valuable oils, which can fall short due to the lower number of sebaceous glands in this area.

 Einschlafhilfe mit CBD und Melatonin

The Good Night: Gentle sleep cream with Botanical Melatonin

Melatonin, as your body's own sleep hormone, regulates when and whether you get tired. As darkness falls, your body gradually releases melatonin. Naturally. Because it's time to sleep.

However, if sleep seems out of reach in the evening hours, you may be someone who works shifts, has had a long day, or is experiencing jet lag after a lengthy journey. In such cases, your body may benefit from gentle support.

In addition to calming rituals like reading a book, the use of melatonin as an alternative to prescription sleep aids is playing an increasingly important role.

The plant-based melatonin in the sleep cream The Good Night may help shorten your time to fall asleep - and in turn, this can help you achieve more restful nights.

What is so special about The Blissful Day?

When you take a look at the products from This Place, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: Functionality always takes center stage. From this claim, each of our natural cosmetic products is based on select, powerful ingredients. In conjunction with our understanding of quality, this also means that at This Place, we focus on ingredients that embody the principles of Clean Beauty.

The Blissful Day, our soothing muscle cream, combines proven ingredients like CBD (short for "Cannabidiol") and genuine Arnica into a powerful complex. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD can have a positive impact on your inner balance.

Arnica Montana, a flower indigenous to the mountains of Europe, has historically been renowned for its use in soothing troubled muscles and joints. However, This Place's innovative muscle cream transcends the traditional application of Arnica ointment. While Arnica alone has demonstrated effectiveness in treating bruises – when combined with other botanical extracts, its potential is significantly enhanced:

Extract from the bark of the Maritime Pine and Turmeric hold potent antioxidant effects. Furthermore, Maritime Pine is believed to promote or restore joint mobility and flexibility.

And although Birch Extract may seem inconspicuous to most, in The Blissful Day, it is a potent part of the balanced formulation. Its detoxifying, cleansing, and wound-healing properties can support your body's self-restorative processes.


  • Where can I buy This Place products offline?

    We are pleased to announce that you can also buy This Place products offline from selected partners. You can currently get This Place in the following stores: Werte Freunde, Großer Burstah 42 (Hamburg) - Wheadon, Steinstraße 17 (Berlin) - Ohia, Torstraße 103 (Meditationszentrum) (Berlin) - Ludwig Beck, Marienplatz 11 (München) and in the following Kauf Dich Glücklich stores: Schulterblatt 1 (Hamburg) - Rosenthaler Str. 17 (Berlin) - Große Eschenheimer Str. 39 (Frankfurt) - Schellingstr. 23 (München) - Reichenbachstr. 14 (München) - Kirchengasse 9 (Wien)

  • Why Did We Develop a Ritual For Each Product?

    This Place views holistic health as a comprehensive lifestyle that takes into account physical, emotional and mental self-care in equal measure. The products therefore not only focus on their physical effect, but are also linked to rituals that are intended to promote your well-being in the long term. Rituals provide support and stability in your fast-paced everyday life. They also use your brain's ability to adapt and change over time. Through the regular practice of rituals, you can positively influence thinking and behaviour patterns and boost your mental health. This Place products are designed to make rituals an easy part of your skincare routine and create a daily moment of inner connection. In the long term, they aim to help you live a fuller and happier life.

  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering whether you should use our CBD-containing products during this time?

    First of all: Congratulations - you are about to experience the miracle of life up close! Unfortunately, this also means that at this point in time we cannot recommend our products to you with a clear conscience. This is not because CBD is known to harm your child; but rather that the research on this particular point is still not enough to say. This means that even if negative effects have not yet been observed, it cannot be ruled out that this could still happen in the future. The well-being of our customers is always our top priority. Until the last doubt is dispelled, it will stay that way: We cannot recommend any products containing CBD to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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