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The Glow: Anti-inflammatory effect confirmed in Study

Unsere Mission 12.05.21 3 min. read

Functional natural products that keep what they promise. This is precisely our mission at This Place. We’re feeding the cosmetic racks with refreshing, natural products. But that's just one part of the story. One thing important to recognize above all is that a lot of time, a lot of work and many more nerves went into the creation of these creams. Each ingredient selected for our creams was chosen with a scientific and caring approach, it’s not just about a nice aroma but also the functionality of the individual ingredients.

Why we made our decision

Quite simply: Because you are really important to us. Sounds cliché, right? It’s true. It was an easy decision to make because we want to stand for what we say. We want to make our modest contribution to cannabis – and thus rehabilitate the reputation of this wonderful plant. But most importantly: we want to make you the most powerful, most effective and highest quality essences and cosmetics available. We want to provide meaningfully formulated products without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Only then can each cream fulfil its individual function. For this, we breed on formulations, develop recipes, try out and catch on the front ... until we have a product we are convinced works.

Trust is Good...

The functionality that represents the heart of all our products is not a matter of trust – it is objectively measurable and it can be quantified – we even went the extra mile and did the research.

Verification is Better!

We have studied the efficacy of our revitalizing face cream "The Glow" for the first time. In the study, a reconstructed human epidermis (reconstructed human epidermis - rhe) model was stimulated with PMA. PMA stands for phorbol-myristate acetate – a substance that was first discovered in a plant and causes a rash. In biochemical research, it is often used to cause inflammatory reactions. As indicators of the strength of these reactions served in the present studies IL-8 (Interleukin 8) and PGE2 (Prostaglandin E2); both are considered proven markers for inflammatory reactions. In the model of the human skin, an inflammatory reaction was thus caused by PMA. Subsequently, the skin was treated either with different amounts of the glow or with a skin cream placebo, i.e. a neutral skin cream without additional ingredients, to compare the reactions. By means of quantitative analysis of the inflammatory indicators (IL-8, PGE2), it was then checked how much the inflammatory reaction in the respective variant failed. The result: The Glow was able to inhibit the release of PGE2 by up to 98%! The effect was also statistically significant. No such effect could be observed for IL-8. In short: The Glow exerts a partial anti-inflammatory effect.

What this means

Formulating functional cosmetics is not a small feat – when functionality is added as the top principle, there are challenges because we want to use ingredients that work. A lot of time, a lot of work and several sleepless nights, got us asking the question: can this work at all? And even if – is all of this trouble worth it? That's why this study is not a small deal for us – it's a sign for us, a confirmation that we are on the right path with what we’re creating.

What's next?

Although we’re excited about the results of this study, there’s no reason to rest. For us, this is just one step of many on a strenuous but fulfilling journey. The other creams will also have to face a scientific assessment. However, we are confident that our functional approach and our conviction will be confirmed again.