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This Place: Where Self-Care Welcomes You

Unsere Mission 16.09.22 4 min. read

This Place celebrates the pre-opening of its flagship store in Berlin-Mitte from September to October 2022

It runs so close to the heart of Berlin that you can still feel the pulse of the city, but at the same time, it is far enough away from the typical bustle of the capital to invite you to take a stroll: Mulackstraße in Berlin-Mitte

No matter whether you already know this corner of the city or are discovering it for the first time: When you turn into a 350-meter-long side street these days, a shop window will catch your eye quite quickly. And while still on the move, you will feel that you are standing in front of a shop that you have never seen before

From webshop to experiential place

"This Place" is called This Place because the brand was intended to be an experiential place from the moment of its birth. However, since the Covid 19 pandemic broke out shortly after the launch in October 2020, we had to put the idea of a flagship store on hold for the time being," says This Place founder Laura Simonow. 

Although traditional retail has struggled to make the leap online many times over the past two years, and more and more high street shops have had to close, the success of This Place as an online brand grew. And so did Laura's desire to pursue the original plan. Firmly in mind was the vision to create a real place to meet and share, to entertain and inform.

So it seems more like fate than coincidence when Laura Simonow tells how she became aware of the premises for the flagship store: 

"In late summer 2020, while looking for a gift for my godchild, I visited a boutique for children whose curated range I had always found very appealing. During my purchase, I struck up a conversation with the owner. I learned that she was thinking of giving up the shop. As sad and emotional as this story was at that moment, it dawned on me. This could be the chance. At first I hesitated to ask the owner to consider me, and thus This Place, as her successor. But when I looked at the light-flooded shop windows, when I saw the sun breaking through the windows, I knew: this shop has personality." 

But there was more than that sense of personality. "In the early days of This Place, years before that moment in the shop, a sketch was made of the shop. We wanted to use this sketch to better visualize the idea of a shop. That sketch has so much similarity to the store, starting with the industrial chic of the struts in front of the window, it's incredible. For me, it was a sign. For this reason, I gathered my courage and asked to be informed in case of a possible change," Laura Simonow recalls.

The managing director's intuition was not to be deceived. In the late winter of 2022, she was given the go-ahead.

A store that embodies the flair of an entire street.

Since then, she has chosen materials, colours and shapes in harmony with nature. Always mindful to make the spirit of the brand tangible for you in every detail, no matter how small. Because everything here should feel natural from the moment you enter - because Self-Care should be a natural part of your everyday life

And here, on Mulackstraße 32, the listed industrial chic windows are now bathed in a soft yellow. A yellow that carries warmth, even through the struts of metal cladding, quietly yet firmly onto the street. 

Lured by this warmth, it is only a few steps before you can peek curiously between the open double doors: into the interior of a place that brings you down to earth, that creates peace. A place that embodies the flair of the entire street as if it were a matter of course. And in its own way manages to give a need the space it requires so that you can fill it with your own interpretation of this need: Self-care.

Pre-opening from September to October 2022

Since the pre-opening of a small section on 12.09.2022, you can take a first look at the flagship store. And of course experience the current range with all your senses

While you look at the products and apply them, we and our Holistic Health Experts will advise you on all your self-care questions. 

If you like, sit down on one of the seats and let the soft fabrics and the warm colour harmony take effect on you while we offer you something to drink. How does that sound?

The pre-opening is primarily intended as a first personal hello to the community, who know This Place from Instagram and the website. Until the construction work continues in October, This place is all about your needs

Located between Rosenthaler Platz and Hackescher Markt, this street has always been worth a wander. Especially for those who are looking for something special. After all, a subtle selection of shops awaits you here - away from the big shopping malls. In addition to cafés and restaurants, a papeterie and various boutiques invite you to linger. 

Even outsiders quickly notice that customers and shopkeepers are connected here. In a close way. Because here, in Mulackstraße, the atmosphere at many moments seems almost tangibly familiar. Somehow familiar; always welcome

Official opening of the This Place flagship store planned for the end of 2022

The official opening of the complete store is planned for the end of 2022

The flagship store will then provide a permanent home for the theme worlds of inner peace, daily self-care and holistic health on an area of around 140 m². In other words, their This Place, where you can meet and talk to experts from a wide range of fields such as beauty, health or pharmacy and medicine

A place where, the same is true for as it is already the case for the virtual presence: Meet you where you are.