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The Science of Self Care

Recognizing and understanding the meaning of self-care and ultimately integrating it into your daily life is a development process. To guide you in this process, This Place offers you numerous articles that introduce you to The Science of Self Care. Word by word. So, which topic strengthens you in your self-care today?

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Halte an Deinen Überzeugungen fest, wenn Deine Intuition Dir sagt: “Mach das! So ist es richtig!”

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  • “Finally a line of personal care products that bridges the gap between Functional Medicine and Self-Care.”

    Flavia Deuchler

  • “I love the combination of high potent CBD, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and premium essential oils in my daily care ritual.”

    Nela König


  • How do your products differ from other CBD products?

    This Place is Germany's first brand for functional natural cosmetics. Our credo is: Medically thought. Sustainably developed. Produced in Berlin. All formulations are based on the latest research findings, including dermatology and phytology. We consistently rely on effective synergy complexes of plant origin. While at the beginning of the research work for the formulation of the first products the focus was on well-researched classics such as arnica, St. John's wort, monk's pepper, silver willow and frankincense, this was very quickly followed by study analyses of selected exotic plants. How do they interact with each other? How do exotic ingredients strengthen the traditionally proven ingredients? Which synergies could create a real boost? The cannabis plant, and with it cannabidiol (CBD), quickly became the focus of attention in this analysis. The human body has receptors that can interact with this naturally powerful ingredient. Thanks to this combination, the latest scientific findings meet long-forgotten wisdom about the power of nature in This Place products. With us, they merge into a synergetic effect that our customers can experience for themselves as functional natural cosmetics.

  • What role do the rituals play?

    Taking into account neuroscientific findings, it was clear from the beginning: This Place combines each product with a matching pampering ritual. A ritual that can easily accompany you even in the most stressful everyday life. As soon as you follow a ritual, you bring the complex systems of your body into harmony. Day by day. This is your moment. And it is this harmony that can strengthen you for the challenges of life; that allows you to create a constant inner calm. At the same time, rituals promote the connection to yourself. And that in their own individual way.

  • What does it mean "functional natural cosmetics for the highest quality standards"?

    When highly effective natural ingredients come together in a gentle formulation, when the latest findings from research and science are incorporated into the development of a product and when regular laboratory analyzes are standard - then we are talking about the quality of This Place products. A quality for the highest demands, namely yours. Our understanding of quality does not just include the pure This Place product itself. Because we also follow our holistic approach here: Quality begins with the conceptual development of a product. After all, each of This Place's products solves one of your problems - which in turn brings more quality into your everyday life. In addition, we attach just as much importance to the careful composition of ingredients as to vegan, fair production. And of course you only hold a sustainably produced outer packaging in your hands with us.


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With the Meet-you-Stories we present you original testimonials about our products. We understand your feedback as a sign of appreciation - and are sincerely grateful for it!