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The 30-day Selflove-Challenge

Zeit für Self-Care 30.06.21 4 min. read

Research has shown that it takes a minimum of 18 days to build a new routine, which most of us know from experience is much easier said than done. But what if you learn that a particular new habit or small change to routine could make you feel more balanced and ease your anxiety, wouldn"'t you give it a try? That's why we've put together this 30 day calendar with tips and a bit of motivation to get you started - think of it as your sidekick and daily reminder to keep you on track to building beneficial lifestyle changes.

If you're ready to commit to consistent healthy routines, but need a little help getting started, we created this 30 day self-care calendar as a simple and interactive way to build good habits. Not only will it serve as a daily reminder for a good habit, but perhaps you can discover what works for you, and what doesn't by incorporating small but beneficial changes to your daily routine and tracking your mental and physical feelings over the course of a month. This calendar will give you all the advice you need to do it, all you have to do is say yes.

Every journey starts with the first step, are you ready to take this one? Let's go...

Day 1: Being proud of your achievements, small or large. Whether it's finishing that essay, getting the kids to bed on-time, going shopping or getting outside into nature.

Day 2: Keep track of your water intake today: Drink at least 2 liters of water.

Day 3: Try shutting your devices down 15-30 minutes (or more if you can) before bedtime and create a more "grown up" bedtime routine.

Day 4: Practice gratitude: Just waking up and feeling really grateful has amazing benefits. Although some days can be more difficult than others, try to make it a habit to practice gratefulness daily.

Day 5: Cook yourself a nice and healthy meal. Do everything yourself and make everything count.

Day 6: Spend time in nature today and leave your phone at home. Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Stop thinking about your AM Zoom calls or home-schooling. today is your safety net, a blanket on a cold day. Take this moment for yourself. It's time to pause and rebalance your mind.

Day 7: Take a day (or more if possible) off from social media

Day 8: Screen-free: Choose one day per month and make it screen-free. You heard that right: No screens allowed! Possible exception: E-Reader.

Day 9: Start a journal: It's so cliche that it's almost embarrassing to suggest - but it works. Instead of indulging in excessive self-talk when a situation leaves you upset or angry (or happy or grateful): Write down what you-'re feeling.

Day 10: Get some extra beauty sleep today: Go to bed early today.

Day 11: Extend your midday break.

Day 12: Call an old friend and reminisce about the past. Open your discussion with: Do you remember the time, when... continue to think about it before going to sleep.

Day 13: Try a new morning routine incorporating yoga and meditation.

Day 14: Listen to your favourite music from the past. Remember the good times. Allow yourself to get crazy. Fun. Dance.

Day 15: Practice the art of saying "no" today. Don't say "yes" to please people.

Day 16: Be kind to yourself: If you make a mistake, don't be hard on yourself - realize that it's part of life and move on.

Day 17: Write down your thoughts about the first half of the month, and reflect on your experiences.

Day 18: Start to develop some positive affirmations, or even your own personal mantra: Some examples:

    • I believe in myself and my abilities.
    • I have everything I need to be successful.
    • I am enough.
    • I am worth being loved.
    • I am healthy, happy and radiant

Day 19: Take some time to go through photos and print your favorite memories

Day 20: Take a "spa" day today. Start in the morning with a healthy breakfast, a long shower, full skin care routine, face mask, mani + pedi.

Day 21: Write a letter to yourself today. Dear self..I know you're doing the best you can. I believe in you. Keep going.

Day 22: Dress up / Suit up in your favourite outfit.. No reason - just to impress yourself.

Day 23: Day of compliments: Say at least 1 honest compliment to anyone. You can always start with: "hey, I always wanted to tell you that..."

Day 24: Remember to stretch today: Something as simple as just remembering to stretch can make a difference. Stretching daily helps improve posture, create space in your joints, increase energy and focus, and improve circulation.

Day 25: Green Day: Eat green and think green! Do something for the environment today.

Day 26: Call someone you've been wanting to call for a while: Your (Grand)Mother, (Grand)Father, Brother, Sister, an old friend.

Day 27: Live in the present moment: Moments like standing up from your desk, sitting down in your car and not having started the engine yet - or arriving somewhere with your car and not having gotten out the car yet, switching from one task to another or walking from one room to another - and try to avoid worrying about the future by fully experiencing the present.

Day 28: Drink a cup of tea. Do nothing else, just drink this cup of tea. Resist all the temptations to check your phone - if your mind is bombarding you with brilliant ideas that just can't wait - take a pen and write them down.

Day 29: Go for a walk, but take a different route than usual today. Explore.

Day 30: Declutter your space - donate old clothing, organize your working space, and clean out your car.