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Our new Face Oils

Unsere Mission 11.10.21 3 min. read

We have added 2 beautiful face oils in our range, and we’re sure you’re going to love them both. They’re formulated to complement the skincare ritual with The Glow beautifully. Read on to discover our new collection of face oils and why you should include facial oil in your skincare routine.


The Morning Glow

This super gentle, and incredibly long-lasting face oil will nourish and exfoliate your skin for a healthy and glowing complexion. The ingredients used in this face oil work harmoniously to help you battle against the most common skin problems, and protect your skin throughout the day. The fragrance is herbal with a hint of citrus and floral notes, thanks to the combination of Geranium and Bergamotte.

The Evening Glow

The Evening Glow is a unique combination of bakuchiol, and essential oils containing powerful antioxidants which gives you smoother skin with a rejuvenated glow. Bakuchiol is nature’s alternative to retinol. It boosts collagen synthesis and eliminates impurities, redness and wrinkles. Together with The Glow face cream, they help hydrate the skin and repair it while you sleep at night. The Evening Glow has specific oils that are helpful for aiding in the skins natural healing process. 

What Are Face Oils?

Some people may think that adding oil to the skin can be a recipe for acne or other skin problems, but the truth is that sometimes the right oils can actually be just what your skin needs to keep it balanced. The fact is that the skin does need oils, even if you have oily or breakout-prone skin. It just needs to right balanced oils. It may sound crazy, but face oils can work wonders on any number of skincare issues and work with your natural oils to help keep your skin balanced.

Facial oils are perfect for getting intense hydration and nourishment because they easily penetrate the skin. Our face oils are packed with essential fatty acids. While it is important to get essential fatty acids from our diet, there are also benefits to applying them topically. That’s because lipids are found in the skin's outermost layer (there are three layers to our skin) and play a crucial role in the skin’s barrier function. As we age, the renewal of lipids in the epidermis slows down, and UV rays, pollution and lifestyle choices cause damage. Because our face oils are composed of fatty acids (just like the lipids in the epidermis), they penetrate the skin easily, passing through the lipid layer and helping prevent transdermal water loss, helping to rebalance skin and restore a healthy complexion.

Which Is Better Oil or Cream?

No, face oil does not replace moisturizer. Face oils do not completely replace face cream because they often do not contain enough ingredients on their own to keep your skin happy and healthy. Face oil is best for creating a protective layer of moisture on top, rather than adding moisture to it.

How Often Should You Use Face Oil?

You can use face oil twice a day, or as needed. Facial oils can be a normal part of your skincare routine in the morning or the evening (or both!), but they can also be used as and when they're needed. You should apply face oil as the last step in your skincare routine. This will also seal in the moisture from The Glow face cream and create a protective barrier that keeps pollutants from entering.

How To Use Facial Oils In Your Skincare Routine

The Glow face cream is used as a primer: Put a small amount of the cream on one of your palms and spread it there briefly - it is gently warmed up and that's not only pleasant but also sets the unique scent-free. Next, for some added skin pampering, add a few drops of face oil then apply the oil gently in circles on your facial skin, ideally until it is completely absorbed. If you still have time, take the opportunity to briefly connect with your breathing and draw a moment of rest and strength. 

Also, take a look for inspiration at the little ritual that we created especially for The Glow. Rituals are important, they give us support and stability and can thus - not only in times of crisis - create a valuable framework for our everyday life. With the mere application of a product, you make a moment that breaks through the everyday processes that have often become mechanical and help to connect you with yourself.

Let your skin have a little extra dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Get your bottle of love today.