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Your Ritual with Time Will Tell

Zeit für Self-Care 30.11.23 2 min. read

No matter how strong and self-sufficient you think you may be, you're hard-wired to crave consistency and connection. All humans are. This is why rituals, transcending everyday habits, are so important to us all. Rituals serve as a source of consistency, as a marker, and as an opportunity to center and reorient oneself.

In this article, you will find your Time Will Tell Ritual. It was designed to encourage trust. To learn more about how rituals can enhance your well-being, click here.

Patience for Increased Well-Being

Practicing patience is important because it allows you to develop a greater sense of self-control and emotional regulation. It teaches you to stay calm and composed in difficult situations and thereby make more thoughtful and intentional decisions.

Listening attentively and patiently to others and responding with empathy can also improve communication and foster stronger relationships. In the long term, embracing patience will help to create a more peaceful and harmonious life.

Your Ritual with Time Will Tell

Begin by taking a few deep breaths while looking at your reflection. Take a moment to concentrate on the present and calm your thoughts.

When you're ready, apply one to two pumps of the Well-Aging serum to your palms. Start to slowly and gently work the product into your facial skin and – if desired – your neck in an upward motion.

Take as much time as you need. Close your eyes and focus on the moment.

How slowly can you glide your fingers across your skin?

How does it feel?

Are you starting to feel impatient?

As you apply the serum, think of a past situation where you felt impatient. Reflect on how you felt in that moment. Why were you in a hurry?

Consider what you could have done differently to allow more time for the situation and to remain calm. How can you apply these learnings to future situations of this kind?

Then, repeat the following affirmation three times:


“With patience and trust, I allow life to unfold at its own pace. Time Will Tell the story of my growth and evolution.”


End the ritual by taking another deep breath. Take a moment to embrace yourself or place your hands on your heart. Feel a sense of calm and patience wash over you. Try to capture this feeling and carry it with you throughout the day.

How do you feel now? We would love to know. Share your experience via Instagram or!