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Your Ritual with Right as Rain

Zeit für Self-Care 29.08.23 2 min. read

No matter how strong and self-sufficient you think you may be, you're hard-wired to crave consistency and connection. All humans are. This is why rituals, transcending everyday habits, are so important to us all. Rituals serve as a source of consistency, as a marker, and as an opportunity to center and reorient oneself.

In this article, you will find your Right as Rain Ritual. It was designed to cultivate gratitude. To learn more about how rituals can enhance your well-being, click here.

Gratitude for increased well-being

By consciously practicing gratitude, you train your brain to direct your attention towards the positive aspects of your life and leave negative thoughts behind. In the long term, this can help you reduce stress and create a deep sense of inner satisfaction.

Additionally, gratitude can strengthen your relationships and encourage you to treat yourself and others with more compassion and appreciation.



Your Ritual with Right as Rain

Start by taking a few deep breaths while looking at your reflection. Take a moment to concentrate on the present and calm your thoughts.

When you’re ready, lightly dampen your face and apply one to two pumps of the hydrating serum to your palms. Now, you can begin to softly pat the product into your facial skin and neck, making sure to work in an upwards motion.

Close your eyes and take a moment to focus on the sensation on your skin, feeling a sense of gratitude for the ability to take care of yourself. Now, think of something specific that you are grateful for today.


Then repeat the following affirmation three times:

"As I embrace gratitude, my life flows effortlessly, leaving me feeling Right As Rain and in perfect harmony with the universe."

End the ritual by taking another deep breath. Take a moment to embrace yourself or place your hands on your heart. As you focus on your blessings, feel your body fill with positive energy and a sense of peace.

How do you feel now? We would love to know. Share your experience via Instagram or!