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This Place Yoga: rituals and application flows

Zeit für Self-Care 26.02.21 1 min. read

... and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives

Welcome to the This Place Yoga Studio - nice that you're here!

Here we have provided a series of short videos for you. Let yourself be inspired and discover with This Place small islands of self-care in the hectic flow of your everyday life.

This Place Yoga: rituals and application flows

  1. introduction
  2. The Glow
  3. The Blissful Day
  4. The Hug
  5. The Good Night

To get started, first a short intro video: The enchanting Alex provides you the four creams and shows you just how you integrate their use in your everyday life and can transform into your new feel-good ritual.


How can work exactly in detail that you learn in these videos - here's for each of the four creams a step-by-step instructions. Take a few minutes to do you right times something good!

But there, next to the application for each product a Flow:

Let your body flow through the gentle movements and experiences, such as movement, scent and silence blend into a pleasant experience for all the senses.

The Glow

The Blissful Day

The Hug

The Good Night