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: Do you wish for a strong-by-nature companion? Discover the de-stressing effect of our muscle cream!

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5 Self-Care-Schritten zu mehr Wohlgefühl während der Regel mit The Hug

In 5 self-care steps to more well-being during your period with The Hug

Self-care step 1: Deliberately apply the desired amount of cream in the palm of your hand. 

Self-Care Step 2: Breathe in and out deeply. 

Self-Care Step 3: Begin gently spreading the cream between your palms. This is how you warm up the period cream gently. Consciously draw your attention to the cream between your hands. Enjoy the gentle scent that The Hug exudes. 

Self-care step 4: Apply the cream to your lower abdomen and, if necessary, also to the lower area of ​​your back in light massage movements for at least 2 minutes. Concentrate on the middle of your body and on noticing your body's signals. Feel how the melt-in-the-mouth consistency of the cream slides over your lower stomach and back. 

Self-Care Step 5: Feel the relaxation set in. How do you feel now? Your experience is important to us! 

Let's share your ritual with The Hug on Instagram!

The Hug - die erster Periodencreme Deutschlands für mehr Wohlbefinden während der Regel

What is so special about The Hug?

Real St. John's wort (or just "St. John's wort") is certainly a term you are familiar with, even if you have only recently started out in the field of natural medicine. The traditional medicinal plant is said to have mood-enhancing properties that are even used in alternative therapies for mild to moderate depression.

If you suffer from PMS, menstrual problems such as menstrual pain or menopause, it can be helpful to include St. John's wort in your personal self-care ritual. For the modern formula of the period cream The Hug, pure St. John's wort is combined with other natural ingredients such as monk's pepper, ginger and CBD to create a beneficial formula.

Mönchspfeffer und Menstruation

Highlighting the benefits of Chasteberry

Monk's pepper (also called Vitex agnus-castus) can look back on a long tradition as a herbal remedy for menstrual problems and menstrual pain. Already used in ancient Greece to increase fertility, chaste tree is also repeatedly mentioned as a soft support during menstruation. The fact that this is the case is mainly due to the ability of the monk's pepper to have a regulating effect on the hormonal balance. It is also said to have anti-irritant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD und Regelschmerzen

CBD for menstrual pain: a modern classic

Within a very short time, CBD has become a modern classic as a herbal helper before and during the period. This is mainly due to the relaxing and antispasmodic effects that CBD, extracted from the hemp plant, is traditionally valued for. CBD can be easily absorbed by the body via endogenous receptors, where it can contribute to different processes.

Funktionale Naturkosmetik

This Place: Functional natural cosmetics for the highest quality standards

When highly effective natural ingredients come together in a gentle formulation, when the latest findings from research and science are incorporated into the development of a product and when regular laboratory analyzes are standard - then we are talking about the quality of This Place products. A quality for the highest demands, namely yours. Our understanding of quality does not just include the pure This Place product itself. Because we also follow our holistic approach here: Quality begins with the conceptual development of a product. After all, each of This Place's products solves one of your problems - which in turn brings more quality into your everyday life. In addition, we attach just as much importance to the careful composition of ingredients as to vegan, fair production. And of course you only hold a sustainably produced outer packaging in your hands with us.


  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering whether you should use our CBD-containing products during this time?

    You want to discover your new self-care favorite in peace? Then visit our flagship store close to the heart of Berlin, at Mulackstraße 32, where you can get to know our products on site and ask our Holistic Health Experts your questions. Let yourself be inspired in the 140 m² store by the themes of inner peace, daily self-care and holistic health. We are happy to announce that you can also buy This Place products offline at selected partners. Currently you can get This Place in the following stores: - Werte Freunde, Großer Burstah 42 (Hamburg) - Wheadon, Steinstraße 17 (Berlin) - Ohia, Torstraße 103 (meditation center) (Berlin) - Ludwig Beck, Marienplatz 11 (Munich) as well as in the following stores of Kauf Dich Glücklich: Schulterblatt 1 (Hamburg) - Rosenthaler Str. 17 (Berlin) - Große Eschenheimer Str. 39 (Frankfurt) - Schellingstr. 23 (Munich) - Reichenbachstr. 14 (Munich) - Kirchengasse 9 (Vienna)

  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering if you can use our CBD-containing products?

    First of all, congratulations! You're about to experience the miracle of life firsthand! Exciting, isn't it? As happy as we are that you are interested in CBD as a power source from nature, we cannot currently recommend our products to you with a clear conscience. This does not necessarily mean that CBD will harm your unborn child or your child while breastfeeding. However, there is currently insufficient scientific and research evidence on the use of CBD products during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although, to the best of our knowledge, no negative effects of CBD have been observed during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we unfortunately cannot completely rule them out. For us at This Place, the well-being of our customers is always our top priority. We are pleased to be able to support all mothers after pregnancy or breastfeeding in terms of self-care with our products.

  • Are This Place products also suitable for men?

    Naturally! Our products are suitable for all genders with their carefully balanced formulation.

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