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What helps against pimples?

16.03.21 6 min. read

There's no question: if the face appears a pimple, we want to get rid of him as soon as possible. But only if we deal with the potential triggers for pimples, we can do something for clear skin and the long term.

In addition to genetic predisposition and hormonal fluctuations - as in adolescence or cycle - there are other external factors that can favor the pimples and blackheads.

But so different may be the causes, so diverse are our ability to take action against the annoying companion. When it comes to our skin, a combination of long-term preventive measures and - for emergencies - make emergency sense.

So much is not necessary to know for once. Anything you need, we'll tell you in this article.

At a Glance: What helps against pimples

  1. home remedies for pimples
  2. cause
  3. Can stress pimples?
  4. more sleep, but less alcohol and nicotine
  5. Can help a specific diet for pimples?
  6. Proper skin care
  7. What can bring you
  8. sources

home remedies for pimples

Has a pimple already inflamed and refuses to heal stubborn, quick help is needed.

In a study it proved tea tree oil as a similarly effective as a proven drug that usually comes in such cases used. Also with tea tree oil, there was rare to undesirable side effects [1].

Tea tree oil should never be used undiluted, because otherwise are highly irritating

But be careful!

Give instead a few drops of it in your cream or in your face water. As a general recommendation for you to mix about 7 drops of tea tree oil with 100 ml care product. Test the mixture dried first in your elbow. Also care not to use eighth near very sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth.

Also, apple cider vinegar and garlic can be read again and again that they are effective home remedies for pimples. For our article on home remedies for pimples (linking to the same name products), we have looked at times a few studies on this. What came out here, what home remedies you sure can apply and what you should watch it, you can find out there.

But perhaps it is worth it, too, at first again to step back and deal with the causes of pimples - and then to avoid these at best

. cause

Can stress pimples?

The term "stress pimples" well-known to most of us. But can pimples are actually caused by stress? Yes - at least some studies suggest.

In one study of 144 university students a strong correlation between the person perceived stress levels and severity of acne could be shown [2]. Like the researchers observed in another study [3].

In the field of so-called Psychodermatology falls a meta-analysis, which examined 22 studies and concluded that different psychological interventions in the treatment of skin diseases probably showed efficacy [4]. Potentially including a link between acne and psychological factors might be. In order to make more precise statements about it, but needs to be more research.

Two birds with one stone can we beat by integrating rituals in our daily lives that help us relax regularly. For while we prevent stress it, we allow rituals to simultaneously anchor a healthy and solid coping mechanism when the stress then times but can not be entirely avoided. It does not always have the same meditation be - also mindful drunk cup of tea, sports or a walk in the fresh air can's be calm in everyday Islands.

Or we resort to the tip back, is already no more: CBD. That CBD might actually be involved in the regulation of stress responses, meanwhile, is also among researchers as quite possible. With the high-quality organic hemp extract of Swiss outdoor cultivation we add our products add the best we could find in the area. In conjunction with the small rituals application gives us the opportunity for a moment off right times.

More sleep, but less alcohol and nicotine

Speaking of coping mechanisms: We all know from our own experience that more stress does not necessarily lead to a healthier lifestyle. He often even leads to the fact that we tend to habits that can lead to even more stress in the long term.

If you less or poor sleep, increased alcohol drink or smoke (all though harmful, but no less popular reactions to stress), the [5] According to a study blemishes in addition favor can.

At least one of these potential triggers can provide our creams Remedy: The Sleeping cream "The Good Night" code offers not only room for your unique evening ritual, but helps you to fall thanks to the plant melatonin contained therein quickly into a restful slumber. The CBD from our organic hemp extract rounds out the experience.

Can help a specific diet for pimples?

Studies suggest that a diet can improve by foods with a low glycemic index, the symptoms of acne [6] [7] [8]. The glycemic index indicates how much a carbohydrate-containing foods affect blood sugar levels. Wholemeal spaghetti come of it so better off than a baguette.

tables you find an overview of the glycemic index of many foods.

In other studies, it was found that cow's milk blemishes can increase potentially [9] [10] [11]. This effect was observed for whole milk just like low-fat milk.

Here are still missing reliable studies with clear results. Until then, the subject of nutrition and pimples

remains controversial.

But what ultimately works best, everyone has probably figure out for yourself. Initially, it may make sense to do without for a few weeks on foods that we suspected to contribute to the development of pimples. For some of us, for example, milk products can be, for others more carbohydrate-rich products.

Alternatively (or additionally) You can also food diary for a while lead (by the way is also great with the phone) and see if you can find a link between the consumption of certain foods and your skin health.

In all of this but we should by no means be too hard on us. Exceptions are explicitly allowed here. And despite all the self-optimization: Food may (and should!) Be enjoyment. :)

The proper skin care

Last but not least you can in addition to cosmetics with healing ingredients set - for example, our innovative face cream "The Glow". In her zinc, cinnamon and organic CBD meet and assist you when it comes to skin health.

Make also sure your face gently to clean by checking out your products to so-called "comedogenic ingredients". These are all those substances that can cause blemishes.

With particularly strong and long-lasting blemishes you should seek the advice of a dermatologist.

What can bring you

On the way to pure skin diverse factors may play a role. A combined approach can help keep pimples and long term.

And if that is not always easy: Our skin is dependent on our patience and our benevolence. Because supposedly "quick" solutions (such as the expressions of pimples on their own) can worsen further in the long term the situation.


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