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What's CBD - and why it is in our creams?

Focus on Ingredients 26.01.21 8 min. read

At a Glance: What's CBD - and why it is in our creams?

  1. CBD in a nutshell
  2. People need cannabinoids
  3. Digression: The endocannabinoid system code
  4. The score
  5. CBD and research - "the story so far ..." code
  6. side effects of CBD
  7. Conclusion - what's CBD
  8. ?

CBD met this day felt everywhere. Whether as oil in the drugstore, alleged miracle cure for everything that you as plagues or busy lifestyles restless as latest addition to the repertoire of self-optimizer. For some, it has long been to, others are confused, wondering to sense or nonsense of that substance or have still afraid that they might get into trouble with it.

We want to therefore dare take a closer look again: What's CBD at all and where does it come from? Does it really is not "high" and I have now at roadside checks to my driving fear us?

Legal and medical situations are always highly individual. Specific questions about your very special location you should always concrete and can individually clarify. Only then you are on the safe side.

CBD in a nutshell

CBD does not high

The most important thing right at the beginning: No, CBD does not make us definitely "high" and the license is not in danger if we want to use this versatile cannabinoid.

So if the have been our concern, we can breathe here before reassured.

But otherwise, a closer look at the molecule's worth.

CBD vs. THC - unequal siblings

cannabidiol, shortly CBD, is one of more than 100 different so-called cannabinoids that occur in the hemp plant. In its structure, it differs little from his famous sibling molecule: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - a small difference with powerful effect. For precisely this THC is that triggers the infamous intoxication appropriate after consuming THC-containing cannabis products.

So: THC makes "high", CBD does not do that!

CBD is not illegal

And that's why CBD just not deemed to be a single substance as an intoxicant and therefore is also not illegal - as opposed to THC. So if you are using our CBD-containing creams, you can in the unlikely event of a traffic control with drug test completely relaxed stay!

People need cannabinoids

The human body is full of wonders - how he manages to cope with the many challenges that life has in store for us, leaves us amazed again and again. For this to work, running around the clock, the various processes from which are to ensure that everything stays in balance. For this, nature has equipped with numerous mechanisms and systems that often go unnoticed do their work in the background.

Excursion: The endocannabinoid system

One of these systems is the so-called endocannabinoid system, in short, ECS. This ancient system consists among other things of receptors and related ligands. Figuratively here is often the key-lock principle, the question: If a key (= ligand, in which case a cannabinoid) to a castle (= receptor, in which case specific cannabinoid receptors) fits, it may cause a certain reaction.

The fascinating thing is that our body itself produces substances that fit on this cannabinoid locks, namely in the form of so-called endocannabinoids. And that's a good thing, because the ECS is involved in the smooth functioning and regulation of many body processes. From appetite (hunger) on our sleep-wake cycle, our pain and memory up to the function of our immune system - is everywhere the endocannabinoid involved. It takes so to speak fine tuning, making use mostly inhibitory, d. H. reducing one.

The endocannabinoid system in action

That could for example take place as follows:

Let's imagine we have to keep us in ten minutes a presentation to an audience. Most of us will feel in this situation a proper stress response.

where energy resources are tapped and this energy can also be metabolized, the breathing rate increases to provide more oxygen. the blood pressure is raised by an increased heart rate - so the muscles are better supplied with blood and supplies. Our field of vision is more, our hair can place itself, our mouth is dry and the digestion is largely paused.

In short: Our body gets ready. But for what? Well, often is an essential component of stress that you just do not know exactly how it will run for one. Therefore, the reaction is after, initially non-specific. There are generally three categories then can fall into our future action: attack, flight or freezing (Fight, Flight or Freeze).


... all that is going on within us, while we go behind the scenes for the thousandth time our notes. Eventually, the body noted hopefully that the situation is not life threatening. And here the endocannabinoid system comes into play: With the release of endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) shuts down the stress response again. We are relaxed or at least relaxed.

The exciting thing: our endocannabinoid system even has a kind of memory!

When we are once more in a similar situation, "remembers" the system from and can intervene quickly. And next time it works then even better. And so on.

The result: We find it from time to time easier to deal with the situation - the acute stress response becomes weaker and keeps less long at.

Since you can thus already amazed at how sophisticated mechanisms to engage in everyday life under the arms, without that we noticed it right.

However: This system has developed very, very long time. And even if the situation for most of us described above is fairly reliable lead to stress - with daily threats we were exposed to at that time, which does not have much to do. The regulatory effect of the ECS is therefore all the more important; Who wants to stand for hours before each presentation scared to death?

outside help - with phytocannabinoids

But what to do if our body does not know the difference or if he fails for other reasons to keep our stress responses sufficiently in check?

Then, it may make sense, cannabinoids also supplied from the outside - for example through the use of phytocannabinoids, that the substances found in the cannabis plant and which include CBD and THC are. These can then support the function of the body's own substances and contribute (in appropriate doses) to an inner balance.

But there are also ways to stimulate the production of endogenous cannabinoids: singing, dancing and exercise, for example.

The score

We now know what cannabinoids are and that our bodies some of which can produce itself, the so-called endocannabinoids. Others can be performed from the outside, the so-called Phytocannabinoids (Phyto = plant) from the cannabis plant, of which there are over 100 different. Also, we have - at least in very broad terms - seen what these substances can do for us, and that their function is essentially fine-tuning verschiedenster processes and systems.

But what does it specifically CBD about? What effects can proceed from the legal cannabinoid and why wins CBD currently so much attention?

CBD and research - "the story so far ..."

One thing first: Although there were, especially in recent years, much research around cannabinoids, and in particular around the CBD - the state of the literature is unfortunately still far from being as how it would wish. The promising early results in many areas do not always allow for a generalization. This is partly due to methodological flaws: high-quality and reliable studies, especially in humans, are very expensive. But plants and plant parts can be to protect still not good - the interest of big pharmaceutical companies, which could lift the necessary research financially, adheres correspondingly limited.

A complete evidence is not available in most cases at present; and thus the most definitive statements on the effects of CBD are still permitted. At least in terms of evidence-based medicine.

How do we classify the many present results, case descriptions and reports is therefore to be left to ourselves. An appropriate references are not lacking in any case.

In the following we will look at the key areas in which the effect of CBD already - has been explored - at least partially.


In this area, the existing code literature comparatively abundant. Especially for the treatment of rare and refractory forms of epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet's syndrome) CBD is valid in combination with standard therapy (v. A. Clobazam) as promising. Also to other forms of epilepsy or seizures are good initial results. Here, however, nothing can be more say with certainty.

Stress and anxiety disorders

In experimentally induced acute stress situation CBD can act anxiolytic. but is crucial the correct dose. For while 300 mg CBD in a study to a strong and statistically significant reduction in stress levels resulted, had the smaller ( 150 CBD) and higher (600 mg CBD) dose mg no such effect.


The sleep-promoting effect of CBD could, among other things in a study in 2019 observed - but only the three-month study in the first month. After that the effect decreased again. Why that was, you do not know. Unfortunately, this study can be due to their methodological shortcomings, no general statements.

Skin Health

The skin actually has its own endocannabinoid system code. This means that all components of this system are also found in the skin. Due to the operation of the ECS is believed that it is making an important contribution to a skin-physiological balance.

If this balance is disturbed, which may be associated with a variety of skin conditions, including acne, excessive sebum, itchiness and psoriasis.

Because of its regulatory function is the ECS of the skin as a promising treatment target.


The analgesic effects of cannabis has been handed down for thousands of years. And also for the CBD there is evidence of an effect. The use of CBD could significantly reduce 2019 neuropathic pain in a study carried out in and was doing very well tolerated ,

side effects of CBD

CBD is generally regarded as relatively few side effects - in the literature, there are still a lot on the subject. These side effects were observed, however, in most cases, at doses that are much higher than those we reach, for example, the intended use of our creams.

Among the reported side effects include, for example, a reduced appetite, diarrhea and fatigue. These are according to current information, but rather mild, transient and relatively rare.

In normal use of our creams is the probability that there will be this kind effects minimal.

What should be mentioned at this point is a possible interaction of CBD with other drugs taken simultaneously. CBD can cause the metabolism of certain drugs is changed. Then a dose adjustment may be indicated. This applies, for example, drugs used to treat epilepsy.

So if we permanently take medicines, it is more important to clarify the application of CBD physician.

pregnant and lactating women is generally discouraged from taking CBD. This is not about the case because CBD would be dangerous for mother / or child - is lacking here but as in so many places yet to long-term studies that exclude a possible danger.

Conclusion - what's CBD?

We have learned: CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 100 cannabinoids that are produced from the cannabis plant. That these substances can interact with our bodies at all, we owe the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system uses regulating in other systems and processes that constantly occur in our bodies and ensures that this as well as we are in balance.

Through the widespread distribution of the components of the ECS in our body, there is hardly an area that is not controlled in any way by and with cannabinoids. As an example we have ventured a peek into the research landscape and found that there is ample evidence and initial results suggest that CBD will still play a role in the future.

Whatever we may think so of CBD - the potential seems enormous. The ingredients of cannabis, especially CBD, are currently experiencing rightly a comeback. will play a major role that the old medicinal plant in modern cosmetics and medicine, which we firmly believe. CBD is just the beginning - you have already tried it?