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Why we developed The Glow

Unsere Mission 08.11.20 3 min. read

We use only natural ingredients which play a vital role when it comes to obtaining beautiful skin and are known for addressing multiple issues, whether it be a dull complexion, sore muscles, and more. Certain ingredients work effectively alone, while others are more suited to working in combination with others. This Place offers a traditional, natural, and holistic approach to skincare. 

Our products are made from raw ingredients, and we recommend our products to be used by traditional methods. There are no synthetic fragrances, colour, preservatives, parabens, thickeners or foaming agents. We choose ingredients that work and will not be harmful to you or the Earth. 

Let’s explore two ingredients, found in The Glow namely, cinnamon and zinc

Cinnamon Bark 

Cinnamon is a type of spice that grows abundantly in many Asian countries, the biggest producer being Indonesia accounting for more than 40% of its production. It is actually the inner bark of several species of trees under the genus Cinnamomum and has a very aromatic fragrance with a sweet and savory flavor, making it a popular ingredient for many kinds of pastries and cuisines. Across many cultures, cinnamon is also widely used as a form of traditional medicine to treat diabetes, digestive issues, appetite loss, and other conditions. 

Cinnamon bark on skin 

The following are some of the benefits that you can get by utilizing cinnamon for your skin. 

  • ACNE TREATMENT - If you have a persisting acne problem, you could add cinnamon to your list of options for the treatment as the said study suggests that cinnamon has antioxidant, antifungal, as well as antibacterial properties that could help in treating existing acne and ultimately lower down the severity of your next breakout. Its antioxidant properties could also help in minimizing those persistent acne scars since antioxidants increase the production of collagen, which is the substance tasked in repairing your skin.
  • KEEPS YOUR SKIN MOISTURIZED - Dry skin is often harmless but if left unchecked, you might develop a skin condition called eczema, wherein your skin would often be red and itchy as well as have a flaky appearance. By mixing petroleum jelly and cinnamon essential oil, you can create an inexpensive lotion that can leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  • ACCELERATES WOUND HEALING - As indicated in the study, cinnamon is a coagulant, which means that it prevents your wound from bleeding too much which leads to a faster wound healing, lowering your risk of infection.


Zinc, on the other hand, is a type of mineral that you're probably not very familiar with but is actually inside you right now. In fact, every single cell of your body has it as it is a critical component that enzymes need in order to function properly. However, once you do not meet the daily zinc intake of your body, symptoms ranging from unexplained weight loss to a multitude of skin problems including eczema, acne, and longer times for wounds to heal start to appear. 

Benefits Of Zinc On The Skin 

Research has shown that zinc deficiency can cause many skin problems and has more apparent negative effects on children and adolescents as compared to adults. Hence, the following are the benefits of having an adequate amount of zinc in your body. 

  • PREVENTS ACNE - Acne is usually caused when the pores are blocked by the combination of dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil which causes the skin around the blocked pore to swell as a result of our body's inflammatory response. Since zinc has documented anti-inflammatory properties, it can prevent or minimize the appearance of red and swollen pimples around your face. 
  • IT'S A GOOD SUNSCREEN - You can also use zinc externally in order to prevent the sun from damaging your skin by utilizing lotions that contain a compound called zinc oxide. This compound physically blocks the UV light from the sun, preventing it from causing damage to your skin. As a bonus, lotions containing zinc oxide are invisible once applied to your skin, which means that you can freely put it on without looking like you've smeared white paint all over your face. 
  • SLOWS DOWN THE SIGNS OF AGING - Zinc has been known to help in the healing and repairing of your skin tissues which means that it could potentially slow down the formation of wrinkles or improve your overall appearance to make you look younger than the majority of people within your age group.