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The Thank You

Unsere Mission 04.11.20 2 min. read

A concious thought

If I had one wish, it is that you can decide that today is a good day. Today and every other day too. That's our goal. What we believe.

Let me tell you a little story. It tells of something that is particularly close to my heart.

At the beginning of product development, I had many ideas. Although-or perhaps because-I have a medical background, there was, in my view, many "nature smart", but at the same time exotic ingredients that should necessarily create in our products. Finally, I have dealt for years with the current state of research on Wirkstof- fen from nature.

"White Willow Bark? What is this, "I asked, Frauke, a chemist from the lab. "One ingredient of the chemical mix profile of aspirin like," I replied. "Even quite natural." Natural salicylic acid. "Crazy, is not it?" I thought as much! Frauke from the laboratory looked at me aghast. "And what they want so metikcreme in a cost?" "Well, muscles relax. Maybe even headache, "I said proudly. They "never find perfection te synergy - all natural. And, .. "she said softly. "If anything, it would be something new."

That moment inspired me incredibly.

From then on, we took on a special track. For now we knew our goal better than ever. Each of our products to solve one of your problems.

For months we have been looking for the most useful and effective compositions and researched this. Also, we have understood how much olfactory sensors, the sense of smell, the beneficial effect may favor certain ingredients and support. Also you'll notice our products in use. The scent of our creams is unique and underlines that we would like to This Place to a holistic experience in your routine. A routine that you can make are to your ritual.

Experience what is possible when science, a lot of passion and a love of nature come together to support you.

Stay strong and healthy

Laura Simonow