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The Blissful Day Ritual

Zeit für Self-Care 04.11.20 2 min. read

The Blissful Day 

Stress and health are huge topics these days. We underestimate how much a healthy mind impacts on a healthy body! Taking time out to enjoy the world should become a daily ritual whether it’s appreciating a sunrise or practicing grounding while at the beach or hiking. Remember to take time for yourself, talk to the people you love and nourish your soul. 

Release the tension from body and mind with The Blissful Day. 

We all have different needs, schedules and preferences, so the ritual itself will look different for everyone. Most of us already have created rituals for ourselves without even realizing it! But, if you're not sure or want to set up a ritual intentionally, then here are our suggestions: 

* Set aside a time where you won't be interrupted 

* Have your special items/snacks set apart if possible and in visually appealing jars or appropriate storage containers 

* Set the scene 

A ritual doesn't have to be complicated and should be enjoyable and relaxing or refreshing and energizing. The first two points above are self explanatory, but what do we mean by setting the scene? This is the most important part because the setup for certain activities IS the ritual. 

If you enjoy journaling, this could be as simple as making a cup of tea, coffee or whatever your favorite beverage is and sitting down with your journal and favorite writing tool. Maybe you have a special pen or pencil you use just for journaling. Just the act of making your favorite beverage in of itself is a ritual. 

Or maybe you're really into movies. You might change into your pajamas or comfier clothes, get a comfy blanket and your favorite snacks before you put the movie on. 

If you enjoy exercise, you probably have a mat, a couple of favorite workout outfits and a water bottle. Just getting dressed into different clothes and putting your hair back, setting up your mat and weights or other equipment could be considered a ritual. 

This builds up the anticipation of something enjoyable, relaxing or energizing and further sets it apart from other activities. They could also be necessary to complete the activity you're about to do. As you probably already gathered, rituals can absolutely be part of your routine, but it's still a part of your day that's set up different and set apart, unlike brushing your teeth or exercise itself, which we would consider healthy habits. 

The Ritual

  1. Stop, relax, and enjoy the ritual. 
  2. warm a few dabs of the cream between your palms, close your eyes and place your head between your hands. 
  3. Take deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing, and picture your happy place. 4. When calm, massage this powerful blend on your wrists, neck, and shoulders for at least two minutes. Support the process by concentrating on each breath, follow its journey throughout your body to clear your mind. 

How do you feel now? We would love to know. 

The Blissful Day contains potent Arnica, in addition to 422mg of our botanical CBD and synergistic botanical blend of White Willow Bark. The Blissful Day is perfect after a busy day or a strenuous workout, and can also be used as a daily skin softener.