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Johanna Gullichsen and This Place - Two brands that value nature

Im Gespräch 21.06.22 3 min. read

Since founding her own brand in 1989, Finnish home & living designer Johanna Gullichsen has been synonymous with high-quality woven fabrics. Her signature collection spans timeless home as well as fashion accessories.

In cooperation with This Place, the first cosmetic bag for beauty essentials is all about self-care.

In an interview with This Place, Johanna talks about sustainability, self-care moments made in Finland and what would never be missing from her beauty bag.


1. The Normandie collection will soon look back on 25 years of inspiring people. What is the secret of a timeless design? 

It is hard to know what will last in time. We often ask ourselves what it takes for a design to become a classic. I guess timelessness is not following or caring about trends.

2. Aesthetic designs without an expiration date in a world full of fast fashion: Why don't customers get tired of familiar graphic patterns, even though they are surrounded by new trends every day? 

Trends come and go. If you make a design that is true to yourself, you can just wait, and eventually, the trend will catch up with you again and again.


3. Being in sync with nature and a respectful approach to nature's resources: Johanna Gullichsen was one of the pioneers early on. But in which aspects does the brand go one step further than the others these days?

Sustainability is on everyone's lips these days. Sustainability is a fundamental value that incorporates many aspects of life. Do not harm! For us, sustainability starts with quality. We only want to make products that customers can and want to use for a long time.

4. Johanna Gullichsen has always stood for carefully chosen collaborations. What influence do collaborations have on the DNA of the house? 

Shared values are essential. I always hope to work with people and companies that share my values: Respect for the environment, materials and people.

5. In June 2022, This Place launches the This Place x Johanna Gullichsen sustainable beauty bag. This cosmetic bag in soft ocher not only encases beauty essentials but also brings a piece of authentic Finnish craft of weaving to Germany. How did the cooperation with This Place start, and what convinced you about this collaboration?

 Laura from This Place, who had already discovered my brand, contacted us. In my company, we are delighted to have made this acquaintance as this way we discovered the brand that we find beautiful and thought through. Wonderful products. It was lovely to receive the products. The packaging was very beautifully made. The product's scent was good but not too strong and felt natural. The overall experience was enjoyable.

6. Johanna, what similarities are there in the philosophy of the two brands?

The appreciation of natural things. Now that I know about This Place, I think I will be a user of the products. I love the scent and the use of natural herbs and plants.

7. Which product should never be missing in a make-up bag and why?

Lipstick & mascara. I want to keep it simple in terms of make-up, and I do not use make-up every day. Of course an efficient hydrating cream is a must.

8. What can Germans learn from Finnish culture about self-care?

Self-care should be as simple as possible. We Finns love the Sauna. At its best, it is woodfired and by a lake where you can take a dip and boost your circulation. The Sauna is a place for relaxation, quietness, cleanliness, and reenergizing.

9. What would self-care look like if self-care was a piece of weaving art?

A soft woollen blanket that you can wrap around yourself to protect you from the cold. Or a linen bath towel that will dry you after the Sauna or bath. The natural materials give you a tactile experience that is a simple everyday luxury.

10. What does Self-care mean to you?

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hygiene according to Hippocrates’ principal "Let thy food be thy medicine". Healthy food and fresh air are essential. Learn not to stress. Stay active physically and mentally.