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About the Author

Mareen Dost

Product Communication Omnichannel/CX

Tip, tip, tip: Copywriting. My passion. One that has its roots in school essays and numerous pen-pals. One whose blossoms adorn my academic and professional education. As a qualified translator and journalist, I already focused on medicine and law during my studies. Two subject areas in which I still unabashedly flourish in my attention to detail (medical and legal professionals will nod) - when I'm not meticulously scrutinizing others' texts for errors as a technical editor and reviewer. In 2015, my understanding of medicine opened the door for me to different subsectors of the German healthcare system. An exciting world that I entered with enthusiasm. And to which there continue to be numerous interfaces in my current position: Since December 2021, I have been strengthening the This Place team as an expert. For 'The Science of Self Care', I write about dermatology, ingredients, medicine, female health, and global trends in the cosmetics industry.

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