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Test Now - #SleepWell

Test Now - #SleepWell

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Relaxation whenever you need it... 5 self-care steps to your clearing smudging ritual for day and evening

Self-care step 1: There is no fixed time for smudging. Whenever you want a meditative, de-stressing moment, you can smoke the Smudge Sticks. For an especially clearing effect, it can be helpful if you clean up the room in which you want to light the Smudge Sticks beforehand.
Self-care step 2: Take enough time for your personal smudging ritual, for example to walk from room to room.
Self-care step 3: Ask yourself what you want to achieve today by smudging to find your focus.
Self-care step 4: Light the stick or sticks and blow out the flame. Now you can spread the smoke in the desired space. Please make sure to use a fireproof vessel if you want to smoke in a room permanently.
Self-care step 5: Feel how the olfactory experience clears the room, your body and your mind. How do you feel now?

Note: Please be careful not to leave open fires or glowing sticks unattended.

... if you want to extend it into the night:

5 self-care steps to restful sleep with The Good Night.

Self-Care Step 1: Consciously apply the desired amount of cream in the palm of your hand about 30 minutes before you want to go to bed.
Self-Care Step 2: Take deep breaths in and out.
Self-care step 3: Begin to gently spread the cream between your palms. This way you gently warm up the sleeping cream. While doing so, consciously direct your attention to the cream between your hands. Enjoy the light flowery fragrance that The Good Night exudes.
Self-care step 4: It is best to apply the cream to both forearms, the neck and the shoulders. When applying, concentrate on yourself and on noticing your body's signals. Feel the pleasant consistency of the cream glide over your skin. To enhance the relaxing effect, stroke the neck and forearms in a massaging motion. Notice the soothing scent as you slowly settle into bed.
Self-care step 5: Feel the relaxation take hold. How do you feel now?

Your experience is important to us! Share your ritual with The Harmony of Now on Instagram!

This Place x RYOKO: sharing passion for the healing power of nature

The cooperation between the two Berlin-based local heroes This Place and the RYOKO Senses Salon is based on a shared set of values regarding the mindful treatment of nature and its resources, as well as the personal conviction of This Place founder Laura Simonow:

"A few years ago, I became aware of Ryoko's work. Since then, every time I have visited her carefully curated store, I have been fascinated by her deep understanding of the healing powers of nature. Her dedication and passion for this subject has connected us in a special way ever since. I am all the more delighted to now be able to introduce a joint product that will take This Place and RYOKO customers even deeper into the world of rituals."

Born in 1980 Osaka, Ryoko Hori first felt the pulse of big cities in Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney until she finally decided to create Ryoko Senses Salon Berlin in 2017, a place of well-being and sensual experience focusing on the purifying powers of self-care rituals. Ryoko works as a healing massage and beauty therapist, perfumer and shop owner. Her shop is located in Berlin-Neukölln.

Smudge Sticks: Smoking as a tradition in modern times

The burning or smoking of plants, resins and woods as a ceremonial act has its origins in the ritual treasure of numerous indigenous peoples of America as well as in the Asian cultural area. The rising smoke is said to have cleansing, purifying, spiritual, invigorating or even relaxing powers. Smudging is often part of a blessing.
Vaporising the respective essential oils from the plants, resins and woods can - depending on the composition of the incense - bring about different therapeutic effects. Basically, however, the focus of incense is on purifying the environment and clearing the body and mind. The valuable smoke is saturated with natural substances that, among other things, are supposed to drive away pathogens and parasites, but also bad moods.
Especially during meditative exercises and yoga sessions, Smudge Sticks are used as a reinforcing element.

Listen to the scent - Smudging as a moment of pleasure for your senses

Did you know that in the Japanese incense ceremony "Kodo" one does not speak of "smelling" a fragrance, but of "listening" to it? From this perspective, smudging can offer you new perspectives of perception and focus. Take the time to feel the natural aromas as intensely as possible - with all your senses.

This Place: Functional natural cosmetics for the highest quality standards

When highly effective natural ingredients come together in a gentle formulation, when the latest findings from research and science are incorporated into the development of a product and when regular laboratory analyzes are standard - then we are talking about the quality of This Place products. A quality for the highest demands: namely yours.
Our understanding of quality does not just include the pure This Place product itself. Because we also follow our holistic approach here: Quality begins with the conceptual development of a product. After all, each of This Place's products solves one of your problems - which in turn brings more quality into your everyday life.
In addition, we attach just as much importance to the careful composition of ingredients as to vegan, fair production. And of course you only hold a sustainably produced outer packaging in your hands with us.


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