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5 tips for falling asleep

Schlaf und Erholung 11.03.21 5 min. read

You're tired but can not sleep? Thanks to our five tips you could soon be in your well-deserved night's sleep slumber:

At a glance: 5 Tips to sleep

  1. A cool room and warm feet
  2. A warm shower or bath
  3. releasing code
  4. CBD to switch off
  5. Soothing rituals
  6. sources

1. A cool room and warm feet

In our sleep-wake cycle plays an important role not only light but also temperature. So our body travels in the evenings our core temperature down, so we get tired. [1] If it's too hot in our bedroom, we work against this rhythm, which can affect our sleep: Researchers found that high ambient temperatures might deteriorate our sleep quality [2]


The ideal room temperature for falling asleep are 16 to 20 degrees Celsius [3]. So if you have a thermostat or thermometer in your bedroom, you can these recommended temperature taking as a guide - or just to feel a little fresh air let. Attempts in the summer as well, to darken the windows during the day and to ventilate the room as possible in the evening or early morning when it's something out cooler.

You in bed cold feet? Even if the ambient temperature is pleasant for us, it may be that we are cold hands and / or feet and therefore sleep worse. In one study, it was observed that most women who get fast cold hands or feet, tend to take longer to fall asleep [4]. Also, another study suggested that with warm feet better find to sleep [5].

can be during a cooler temperature in the bedroom useful should this so nevertheless feel pleasant for us. If you can not sleep and have cold feet, could create a hot-water bottle, socks or a small massage to help make you soon slumber in your well-deserved sleep.

second A warm shower or bath

To your body to get

at the right temperature to fall asleep, even a warm shower or a warm bath can be helpful. It sounds paradoxical, but it is not, because the fact that we warm up our body from the outside, the vessels dilate. As a result, we give off heat, decreases our core body temperature. From studies are indications that this had probably not only improves our quality of sleep, but we can sleep better. [6] Apart from this, we turn off a pleasantly warm bath so right and forget everything around us. How about a few candles, a good book and an aromatic bath additive that? By moving evening admits you a bath, you do not just body and soul something good, but possibly also verbesserst your sleep quality.

You are actually a morning Duscher? Maybe you can for a change so times a warm shower in the (late) evening to try. The advantage is that we have the evening all the time and can easily celebrate in peace our subsequent care ritual


third Release

"Simple" let go? We've all turned us sleepless from one side to the other and know that this is easier said than done. During a regular meditation practice can improve in the long run our sleep more, we can already here now and today release the idea immediately having to fall asleep.

You notice that there will be just nothing with sleep? Then it can help even if you get up from your bed and just einkuschelst you on your couch or chair. Maybe you fancy a warm tea and enjoy the nocturnal silence? Or feel like it, a little to read? Eighth in the latter only that this possible, no messages or any disturbing content, and that you do it best analogy.

Once the sleep pressure is high enough, the fatigue is usually all by itself. Ideally, you looking forward to then soon to be able to cuddle you again in your bed.

fourth CBD for switching off

cannabidiol (CBD) is, like THC, an ingredient of cannabis. Unlike its big brother, it is not psychoactive, so does not make us high and is not suspected, according to the International Health Organization (WHO) to make them dependent [7]. Although further studies are pending, there are early indications that CBD could provide a better sleep [8] [9].

One possible explanation? Cannabinoids are our bodies not strange, but even made his own. We all have that is an endogenous endocannabinoid system, which is responsible, among other things, for the regulation of our sleep. [10]

As part of your evening routine including the cannabinoid of the hemp plant could let you sleep better and relaxing you might.

fifth Soothing rituals

rituals can be an important component, one- to better long term or staying asleep. If we lie awake at night, which is namely often because our thoughts carousel continues to rotate constantly. By establishing a fixed procedure before going to bed, we can instead focus on our well-being. At the same time, we are signaling our bodies that it is now time to sleep.

It is only important that it is in your Einschlafritual something that you can really make the best every day. Therefore, you should look in doubt, do nothing to consuming. How about, for example, with a certain tea variety that you drink just before going to sleep and in peace? Even a small yoga routine you can physically and mentally tune in to sleep.

Maybe you want a relaxing sleep cream in your evening ritual with integrated? With The Good Night You can put yourself all the needs of the soothing Palo Santo flavor concentrate and you at the same time with a small massage. Let the hemp extract contained act on you and feel how you can gradually let go ...


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