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Abdominal pain in women: menstrual pain and Co.

Gesundheit 04.05.21 4 min. read

At a glance: abdominal pain: menstrual pain & amp; Co.

  1. How feel menstrual pain at?
  2. Primary menstrual pain
  3. Secondary menstrual pain
  4. abdominal pain during your cycle
  5. abdominal pain around conception and pregnancy
  6. Other abdominal pain
  7. menstrual pain are your faithful companion? 

Your lower body makes with cramps, a pulling or stinging noticeable? Just immediately before and during the first days of the period they can make us tremendous problems.


The well-known drawing can also occur without you your period have . There are a variety of possible causes. In any case, you should abdominal pain that last longer or are unusually strong, can clarify a doctor.

How feel menstrual pain at?

Pungent, astringent, colicky - menstrual pain may feel like someone wring the uterus like a wet washcloth thoroughly. Between the convulsions, it may take a few seconds be deceptive calm before the next wave comes.

The complaints put one just before or with the period and can last for 1 or 2 days [1]. Depending on the severity they can radiate [2] from the abdomen to the lower back.

Primary menstrual pain

Often go with the menstrual primary menstrual pain associated. Is caused by prostaglandins, hormone-like messengers that are formed at the end of your cycle increased. Perform contractions cause the uterus, so that blood and parts of the mucosa are ejected. This process can be felt as abdominal pain.

If you suffer from primary menstrual pain, they are probably soon after your menarche, the first period, the first time since occurred and a recurring companion during your day.

Makes Your body increases prostaglandins, it may be that the cramps and menstrual pain are particularly strong [3] intense.

Secondary menstrual pain

Secondary menstrual pain usually occur after age 30, and are often associated with a disease.

, which can cause abdominal pain One of the diseases that Endometriosis . Often it takes years to diagnosis, especially the extent and degree of discomfort do not have to correlate with each other [4]. The costs associated with endometriosis pain and other possible symptoms occur in some "only" during their periods and can across the entire duration of the cycle with other stakeholders to be present.

fibroids in the uterine wall pain can also cause in our abdomen. These are benign, nodular growths or tumors of muscle and connective tissue [5]. They are considered common benign tumors of the female reproductive system [6].

In some women, fibroids cause no symptoms, while they may have on well-being in other cases decisive influence. As they grow dependent on hormones, they occur only during sexual maturity. is to develop fibroids the risk, through to menopause highest [7].

In addition to diseases, other factors may also be used like a spiral triggered secondary menstrual pain.

to primary

For more information and secondary menstrual pain you can find in our detailed article on the subject.

abdominal pain during your cycle

You pain, but no period? If you're searching to ovulation around in your cycle may be called Central pain act. He's typically on one side of your lower abdomen felt. On which side it occurs, may - but need not - depend on which fallopian tube has released just one egg for possible fertilization. The page can from cycle switch to cycle, but also remain the same. [8]

Up to 40 percent of women of childbearing age have the means pain ever seen [9]. Even with these, however, he may not occur - which does not necessarily mean that there is no ovulation has occurred. If the Mittelschmerz front on the right, may falsely lead to suspicion of appendicitis.

uterine prolapse can cause pain in the abdomen. It is mostly a result of a weakening of the connective tissue that occurs potentially after the birth of a child or during menopause.

abdominal pain around conception and pregnancy

Do you feel discomfort between the 4th and 7th day after your ovulation, can it act to the so-called Einnistungsschmerzen , also called implantation cramps. They can occur when the fertilized egg settles in the lining of the uterus. This happens in most cases 5 to 6 days after fertilization [10].

The Einnistungsschmerz may be accompanied by spotting. Both the one and the other does not occur in every woman.

In rare cases, may be responsible for abdominal pain ectopic pregnancy . The fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube instead of this one in the womb. This not survive the embryo and the pregnancy for the woman potentially life-threatening [11].

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy usually occur in the 6th to 9th week of pregnancy on, but vary from woman to woman. The following three can - but need not - these include:

  • missed period
  • abdominal cramps
  • Vaginal bleeding [11].

Other abdominal pain

cystitis is typically caused by a bacterial infection. A third of women under 24 and half of the women and 32 were ever affected. The bladder may, in addition to other symptoms such as pain during urination, abdominal pain cause [12].

The so-called appendicitis is better known as appendicitis . In adults it is expressed in acute cases including through pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and a rigid abdomen [13].

Another possible cause of pain in the lower abdomen are digestive problems . These can be, for example, infectious diarrheal diseases, which cause colicky pain in the abdomen or lower abdomen [14].

menstrual pain are your faithful companion?

If there are prolonged or particularly severe abdominal pain, you should seek medical advice in any case.

In the case of lighter menstrual pain but can act even relaxation techniques or hot water bottle refreshing. If you want to combine this with a small massage for your abdomen, you is in any case the beneficial period Cream The Hug aside. With its natural ingredients it can smooth you on all that support holistic way and you thus help bring body and soul back into harmony.

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