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"Self-care means understanding yourself" - Daria

Im Gespräch 30.04.21 3 min. read

This is one of my favorite conversations with an amazing woman about self-care and plant power — I even learned a little something about the daily meals of astronauts and deep-sea divers! I am constantly in awe of our community, we have so many strong voices out there that are setting paths for others to follow and one that we are honored to interview is Daria Suvorova of WAA Podcast.

A bit about Daria: She’s the founder and podcast host of the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast where she has fascinating conversations with some of the most remarkable women of our time.

“I strongly believe that every day is given to learn and discover - WAA podcast serves as a source for everyone's own discovery. Deep inside I seek for stories and learnings from other people, and I am on the mission to awaken this curiosity for knowledge in those who I sincerely hope will become WAA podcast listeners.” - Daria.

Women Authors of Achievement podcast is not just for women - it’s for anyone who is incredibly curious to hear about other’s stories and learn something new. She’s easy to talk to, sincere and down to earth, here’s the rest of our conversation:

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care means understanding yourself, making timely decisions and following your principles. There is a lot of noise and self-care that truly works for you means learning how to filter this noise. And for that to work you need to really understand your personal clock. This comes with time of trying different self-care routines, learning from those experiences, reflecting on what felt right or not, and noting this for future. Try, learn, reflect, note and repeat.

"There's a lot of noise out there, and self-care that really works for you means learning how to filter that noise."

What part of your self-care routine is the most important for you, and why?

Even though I am a city girl, reconnecting with nature is very important for me. Whether swimming in an ice cold lake, watching the moon eclipse, going cross country skiing, picking mushrooms in the woods, hiking and breathing crisp air of the Alps or walking along vineyards. All this is more than just self-care, being connected to nature nurtures first and foremost the soul and makes you realize how lucky we are to see and enjoy all of this. And at the end of the day you will get the best self-care you could have wished for - your skin glows and you suddenly smile with your eyes, mood goes up as the bad thoughts leave your mind - what can be better and easier?

The second one will be regularly eating honey. My grandfather was a beekeeper and various unprocessed honey products were part of my daily meals since childhood.

What’s your favorite type of honey?

Pine and buckwheat honeys are my favorites and on the special days Bashkir honey, which is yielded in tree hollows in Siberia. Bashkir honey has a very particular taste and unique qualities and it is part of the daily meals to astronauts and deep-sea divers. So you know what gets me ready for the work week ;)

Where do you feel the most relaxed? What is your This Place ritual/moment or how do you feel with This Place (CBD)?

I love classical literature, especially biographies. The very “this place” for me is whenever I find myself with a book reading in my mother tongue - the language of literature and poetry. Russian language totally captures your attention with it’s richness and density. Usually on these rare days when nothing gets to distract me, I get to time travel into a different world, learn about different times and characters. It helps me to step outside of the daily routine and fuel my thoughts and creativity. And if not the full day then I dedicate an hour in the evening before bed, which is my favorite evening ritual that starts with diving into my evening reading surrounded by the calming smell of The Good Night.

As you always love asking your guests on your podcast, I wanted to ask you the same question: Name a woman who is an author of her own achievements and who is that woman for you?

[laughter] I knew that someone would ask me this question at some point, and I have my answer ready - it’s easy - my mother. She’s had a huge impact on how I see self-care. She truly knows me best, and I value her honest feedback.

We thank Daria for the great interview!

Daria is also a legal consultant and co-created a series of blockchain conferences called moinblockchain, with focus on inclusion and diversity. She is based in Germany and we are honored to have her here in Conversation at This Place.

(Interview mit Alyssha Bal Date: April 7th @ 5pm via Google)