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The Enchantress Archetype

Archetypen 09.09.21 2 min. read

The Enchantress Archetype

Week 4: Luteal Phase

This archetype emerges after ovulation or the pre-menstrual part of a women’s cycle.

This is the phase that can be physically painful and emotional, being the process of getting to know the inner spirit world, can often bring out the darker, destructive sides of our psyches. 

Season: Inner Autumn

Autumn is the premenstrual phase of the cycle. After ovulation, the wheel gradually turns from summer to autumn. And just like in nature this time of inner autumn is about harvesting the last fruits of summer, sorting the seeds, clearing and letting go of the leaves, so that we are prepared for the winter and deep rest. 

Who Is the Enchantress Archetype?

This is the time when the Enchantress archetype and intuition is strong within us. For most of us in modern society, the shadow aspect of this would be the inner critic.

She can express herself through PMS and judgement. We may meet situations, memories, people and experiences that trigger emotions and unresolved pain. 

Connect to your Inner Enchantress

When we connect to the enchantress, her wisdom can show us where we did not align with truth and integrity. What to take with us to the next cycle and what we need to let go of. This is why it can be extra important during this phase to practice self-love, compassion and nurturing ourselves. To calm the nervous system. 

Self-Care Tips For This Phase

Practice Outdoor Yoga

Yoni steaming 



Walks and being in nature

Ceremonies of letting go/organize your space

Body cream with calming essential oils 

Making tea with calming and releasing herbs like Lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, yarrow.


Recognizing the Enchantress Archetype

Our inner Enchantress is a healer. She’s the medicine woman inside us that knows that we can’t keep forging forward if we don’t step back every now and again to reflect and accept and integrate everything we’ve learnt along the way. She knows that healing isn’t about applying a plaster, putting our heads down and just carrying on, but that it needs time to drill down to the root of the problem. The key to embracing your inner Witch is to listen intently to what your body is telling you and act accordingly with self-love and care. We connect to our inner enchantress when we connect to innocence, new beginnings, youthful exuberance and just being excited by the sheer adventure of life.