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The archetype of the goddess

Archetypen 09.09.21 2 min. read

Week 2: Follicular Phase

The second week of the menstrual cycle is the estrogen-dominated proliferative phase, which we also know as the follicular phase. The Goddess supports you in letting go of pain from the past and fully embracing your Self. She reminds you to trust and believe in yourself. The Goddess adapts to changing circumstances. She encompasses a whole spectrum of different cadences and extremes.

Season: Inner Spring

After the quiet yin energy of menstrual bleeding (inner winter), we welcome the freshness of spring. The season represents rebirth, renewal and new beginnings, so you will feel cleansed, energized and happier. As a woman moves into her inner spring phase, she is ready to venture out into the world again and tackle new projects. Full of energy, she plans and organizes her life.

What is the archetype of the Goddess?

The Goddess is the youthful woman who is yet to become a mother. She is just beginning her journey to discover herself. This archetype is full of potential, just like the spring energies - full of enthusiasm and hunger for experience. She is innocent and for that very reason has so much power. Although we often think that the opposite energy - the wise woman - holds wisdom, the Goddess has a subtle but powerful wisdom of her own. She has a fresh and unique energy.

Self-care tips for this phase:

  • Create a work of art
  • Try out a new smoothie recipe
  • Bring order to messy drawers
  • Paint a picture or paint a room
  • Start writing or keeping a journal
  • Take a day off to do nothing

Recognize the inner goddess

In all cultures of the world, we repeatedly encounter the archetype of the fertile goddess. She symbolizes abundance, fertility and nourishment. When we awaken from the hibernation of our period and take in the sunshine again, we feel productive, cleansed and energized. We are ready to take on the world. To connect with your inner goddess, create inspiring spaces that inspire comfort and creativity. Take advantage of the refreshing energy, be bold and try something new.