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The Science of Self Care

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Our CBD and hemp products are created so that you can use them at different times during your day. Whenever you need it.

How we do it

Our new Face Oils

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How do your products differ from other CBD products?

Each of our products was created to help naturally with something very specific - and we spare no effort or expense. Whether classics of phytomedicine such as arnica, St. John's wort, frankincense and white willow or more exotic components such as maritime pine bark, palo santo and blue tansy - if it makes sense, we try it and if it convinces, it becomes part of the composition. Our organic hemp extract with CBD is the connecting element that runs through all products.

Is your organic hemp extract really that special?

The hemp from which our extract is made, grows in the sun-drenched Swiss Alps and is cared for there with loving care and tradition - from sowing to harvesting by hand to particularly gentle extraction. And even if this is the most normal thing in the world for our passionate hemp farmers - it is not for us. So yes: our organic hemp extract is really something very special.

What exactly do you mean by "holistic quality"?

Quality doesn't stop somewhere in the production process: the selection of the plants from which the valuable ingredients for our creams are extracted, their cultivation, harvest and extraction, the choice of carrier substances in which they can develop their full effect and the decision for sustainable packaging material . Not only product quality, but also process quality. It's not always easy - but it's worth it for us.
  • “Finally a line of personal care products that bridges the gap between Functional Medicine and Self-Care.”

    Flavia Deuchler

  • “I love the combination of high potent CBD, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and premium essential oils in my daily care ritual.”

    Nela König

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