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CBD oil for the skin

How we do it31.03.21 5 min. read

CBD in skin care is no longer a rarity. And the fact that more and more people are applying CBD oil to their skin has its good reasons: The natural plant material, which is extracted from the cannabis plant, is by nature able to interact with our body. This happens through the so-called endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for the "fine-tuning" of a variety of physiological processes and its components are found everywhere in our body - including in the skin.

As the largest organ and the first line of defense against external influences, our skin works hard every day. The idea of aiding it in this task is therefore obvious, even if it is not (yet) a matter of course for many people.

In any case, there is no shortage of products available for this purpose. Shelves are full of skin care products in all price ranges. Interested and knowledgeable users have long known that it is worth taking a close look at the list of ingredients - which tends to be rather long.

More and more often, CBD is also found on this list. But does its use make sense? Is CBD good for the skin, and if so, what is the best way to use it? Simply applying CBD oil to the skin or rather using a CBD skin cream?

You probably already have an idea of the answers we would give to these questions - after all, we didn't decide to use CBD in our creams for no reason. Let's take a closer look at the topic here.

At a glance: CBD oil for the skin

  1. CBD and our skin
  2. CBD for the skin - when does it make sense?
  3. CBD and blemished skin
  4. CBD and itching
  5. How should CBD be used on the skin?
  6. CBD creams of This Place


CBD and our skin

As already mentioned: Our skin has its own endocannabinoid system. But what does that actually mean and why is it relevant?

Basically, it means that our skin is equipped with special receptors, the so-called cannabinoid receptors. These can be triggered and activated by cannabinoids, which includes CBD. They give a signal, so to speak.

We have already covered the skin's endocannabinoid system in more detail, so here's a brief summary: Normally, our body provides everything itself to ensure that the system functions smoothly. However, if this is not the case, the complex skin system can become unbalanced. In this case, it can make sense to provide some additional care from the outside.

For example, with creams containing plant cannabinoids such as CBD.

CBD for the skin - when does it make sense?

Once the skin gets out of balance, this can have unpleasant consequences for us. Neurodermatitis, psoriasis or scleroderma are among the more serious problems that can arise in this way. But even " milder" complaints, such as itching, redness and a dull, pale skin can (and should!) give us reason to take care of our skin.

CBD and blemished skin

Cannabinoid receptors are also found in the sebaceous and sweat glands of our skin. Here they are involved, among other things, in the regulation of specific processes in these structures. More precisely: By modulating so-called tunnel proteins, CBD can not only reduce the production of sebum, but also shut down the proliferation of sebum-producing cells. CBD is therefore also considered a promising alternative for treating acne.

CBD and itching

Cannabinoids in general, and CBD in particular, are involved in the transmission of various stimuli via the endocannabinoid system - which  also includes itching. Current research gives reason to hope that CBD for the skin may also have potential in this sense. This is because cannabinoids are able to desensitize the channels for stimulus transmission, meaning that the barrier between a stimulus that causes annoying itching and the sensation of itching at all is raised. As a result: itching may be reduced.

CBD Öl für die Haut

How should CBD be used on the skin? 

We have seen that CBD has the potential to do something good for our skin in many different ways. However, anyone who decides to give it a try might feel overwhelmed in view of the almost infinite range of different cosmetic products containing CBD.

Therefore, we have put together a few criteria that everyone can use to easily find out themselves what kind of product might be suitable.

CBD oil for the skin

Probably the easiest way to provide the skin with CBD is to apply "simple" CBD oil directly to the skin. In principle, there is nothing to be said against this. However, it is not ideal.

For one thing, it's not exactly user-friendly: Conventional CBD oils are usually equipped with a pipette - not exactly ideal for application on the skin.

In addition, it is often not entirely clear which carrier oil has been used as a base - hemp seed oil, coconut oil and olive oil are among the frequently used oils. Aside from the carrier oil, CBD oil is also by no means always the same CBD oil. For example, there are manufacturers who use a full- or broad-spectrum hemp extract that also contains other (legal!) ingredients from the hemp plant in addition to CBD - others rely on so-called CBD isolate, i.e. the substance CBD in a largely pure form.

So if you don't know exactly how your skin reacts to each of the carrier oils and whether broad spectrum extract or isolate was used in the CBD oil, you might have to invest some time (and ultimately money) until you identify a product that works for you.


CBD-cream for the skin

Luckily, there are also special skin creams with CBD. Unlike plain CBD oil, the consistency and composition of the carrier substances here is optimized for application on the skin.

However, there are other factors to consider here as well: Are there exclusively natural or plant-based ingredients, and does this also apply to carrier substances? Are there other ingredients that address the specific needs of my skin? Similar to CBD oil: Is the cannabinoid present as a single substance (isolate) or are other ingredients of the hemp plant included?

Indeed, it has been interestingly observed in various studies that CBD in combination with other substances extracted from the cannabis plant surpasses the effect of CBD as an isolate. This is a well-known phenomenon in phytomedicine: plant synergies do not only exist in hemp. The effect of individual substances can favorably influence the effect of other substances.

CBD-creams of This Place

At This Place, our goal from the beginning was to develop creams in which all these factors are optimized in such a way that each cream can address a very specific need.

With high-quality ingredients and carefully composed compositions of various natural ingredients, the skin can be pampered and do something good at the same time.

After all, it is not only cannabinoids that can have an effect on our skin. The Good Night, for example, contains melatonin, which aids in falling asleep. The Hug contains ginger, monk's pepper, frankincense, and St. John's wort, classics of herbal medicine that warm us and take us on a cosy journey.

By all means, the mere application of a product can thus be turned into much more - a small island of tranquility in the hectic stream of our everyday lives. And our skin will thank us for that, too.