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CBD oil for the skin

31.03.21 5 min. read

CBD in skin care is no longer a rarity. Apply and that more and more people CBD oil on their skin has good reasons: the natural plant material which is derived from the cannabis plant is to occur naturally in a position with our bodies interact. This is done via the so-called endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for the "fine tuning" of a variety of physiological processes, and its components can be found everywhere in our body - in the skin code.

Our skin makes the body's largest organ and the first line of defense against outside influences every day hard work. The idea to support them is therefore obvious, though not of course for many (yet).

At this products offered are not lacking in any case. The shelves are full of skin care products in all price ranges. Interested and qualified user already know: Here take a closer look at the list of ingredients - and can be quite long.

More and more can be found on this list also CBD. But does that make sense? one does his skin something good, and if so with CBD: as I turn it best to? Simply CBD oil to the skin or prefer to use a CBD skin cream?

Probably you already can guess what answers we gave to these questions - after all, we have chosen not without reason to use CBD in our creams. Let's look at the theme here something closer to.

At a glance: CBD oil for the skin

  1. CBD and our skin
  2. CBD for the skin - when can make sense?
  3. CBD and blemished skin
  4. CBD and itching
  5. What should be the application of CBD on the skin
  6. CBD creams of This Place

CBD and our skin

As mentioned earlier: Our skin has its own endocannabinoid system. But what exactly does that mean and why is it relevant?

Basically, it means that our skin with special receptors, called. Cannabinoid receptors, is equipped. The can of cannabinoids, this includes, are controlled and activated CBD. so to speak, they give a signal.

the endocannabinoid skin we reported in detail, therefore, at this point only this: Normally, our body itself everything available to a smooth function to ensure the system. However, if this is not the case, the complex system skin may cause an imbalance. Then it may make sense to supply components from the outside.

For example, using creams that herbal cannabinoids such as CBD included.

CBD for the skin - when can that make sense?

Device skin once out of balance, can have unpleasant consequences for us. Eczema, psoriasis (psoriasis) or scleroderma are among the more serious problems that may arise this way. But "lighter" symptoms such as itching, redness and a dull, pale skin can (and should!) Give rise to take care of our skin.

CBD and blemished skin

The cannabinoid receptors are also found in sebaceous and sweat glands of our skin. There they are involved, among others, in the scheme of the specific processes in these structures. Specifically: By modulating so-called channel proteins CBD may not only reduce the production of sebum, but also drive down the proliferation talgproduzierender cells. Therefore CBD is also true with acne as a promising therapeutic option.

CBD and itching

cannabinoids CBD in general and also specifically, concerned about the endocannabinoid system, different to the forwarding stimuli. This includes itching. Current research raises hopes that CBD could also in this sense is still potential for the skin. Because cannabinoids are able to desensitize the channels for stimulus transmission. This means that the threshold until a stimulus as annoying itching or is perceived at all, is higher. As a result, itching can be reduced.

How should occur the use of CBD on the skin?

We have seen that CBD holds a variety of ways potential for doing our skin any good.

For those who are deciding to try this again, but CBD-containing cosmetic products might feel slightly overwhelmed in the face of almost unmanageable range of different.

Here is why even a few criteria together, which each from easily can find out for yourself what kind might be appropriate product.

CBD oil for the skin


Probably the simplest form, his skin CBD is probably to use "simple" CBD oil directly on the skin. Basically, there is also no. It is ideal but not.

First, it is not exactly user-friendly: Conventional CBD oils are usually equipped with a pipette - not exactly ideal for use on the skin.

In addition, is often not clear which carrier oil was used as a basis - Hanfsamen-, coconut and olive oil are just some of the oils commonly used. Even apart from the carrier oil CBD oil is by no means always the same CBD oil. So there are manufacturers that use a full or broad-spectrum hemp extract (legal!) In the next CBD and other ingredients of the hemp plant are included - others rely on so-called CBD isolate, so the fabric CBD in substantially pure form.

So if you do not know exactly how your skin to the carrier oils each responds and whether CBD oil was broad-spectrum extract or isolate used, it could be that you believe in time (and, ultimately, money) have to invest a lot, until you the product have identified that works for you.

CBD-cream for the skin

Fortunately, there are also special skin creams with CBD. Unlike simple CBD oil is the consistency and composition of the excipients optimized here for application on the skin.

But even here, there are other factors to consider: Are only natural or herbal ingredients contained and this also applies to carriers? Are there other components that address the specific needs of my skin? Similar to the CBD Oil: If the cannabinoid as a single agent (isolate) before or are further ingredients of hemp contain?

Interestingly, it was observed in different studies namely that CBD surpasses in combination with other substances extracted from the cannabis plant, the effect of CBD as an isolate. In phytomedicine which is a well-known phenomenon: Herbal synergies, there are not only the hemp. Through them, the effect of individual substances can favorably influence the effect of other substances.

CBD-creams of This Place

This Place was to develop from the very beginning our goal creams in which all these factors are optimized so that can be received with any cream on a very specific need.

With various high-quality ingredients and carefully compiled compositions of natural ingredients can be as skin pampered and you you do the same something good.

Not only cannabinoids can have an impact on our skin: In The Good Night example is melatonin included, which helps us fall asleep. The Hug code of herbal medicine come up with ginger, chaste tree, incense and St. John's classics used that us warm and on a sensual journey kidnap.

By the way, the mere application can make a product so too much more - a small island of calm in the hectic flow of our daily lives. And that will also thank our skin us.

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