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Woman Herbs: Soothing companion for all day

05.05.21 5 min. read

Many women are affected by menstrual disorders, infertility or other so-called "female trouble". If you also are one of them and do not want to be limited to taking classical medications you might inspire you the ancient knowledge about women's herbs and medicinal plants. Their mode of action is scientifically though often still little studied, but many swear by their soothing and holistic effectiveness.

At a glance: Woman Herbs: Soothing companion for every day

  1. When are women Useful Herbs?
  2. How to take a woman herbs?
  3. Soothing herbal woman at gynecological problems
  4. sources

    How does one woman herbal one?

    The revenue depends entirely on the woman herb, but also on the nature of the complaints. Chaste tree ( Vitex agnus castus ) is available in the form of tablets, while recommended, at menstrual tea. Frauenmanteltee or raspberry leaf are here, for example, very popular. Some herbs have a woman at gynecological problems from the outside: So you can mix a tincture or enjoy a swim with mugwort extract you, for example, yarrow and raspberry leaves .

    Soothing herbal woman at gynecological problems

    We do not want you longer in suspense. The following are the most popular and the most powerful woman herbal six that can support your wonderful cycle of discomfort naturally.

    lady's mantle: the women's herb par

    He has a millennia-old healing tradition and is an all-rounder in the women Customer: It contains plant hormones that the female sex hormone progesterone are similar to [1]. So Frauenmanteltee can affect our cycle and in various gynecological problems support [2].

    The tannins contained have a purifying and anti-inflammatory. This Frauenmanteltee should be able to positively affect your period and provide a remedy for menstrual symptoms such as extremely heavy bleeding or abdominal pain. The hormone-regulating action can prevent premature births and the fertility of women favor [2] [3]. In addition, a recent study found that women coat can help in wound healing [4].

    "Yarrow in the body do well every woman"

    The old saying reveals that the positive efficacy of yarrow on female health has been known for a long time. That is especially recommended for menstrual tea from yarrow, is due to their anticonvulsant and analgesic properties. Especially in primary control pain you can yarrow make use [5].

    Chaste Tree: Vitex agnus castus in fertility

    Even the ancient Greeks used chaste tree - Vitex agnus castus in the jargon - to increase fertility. The essential oils contained phytochemicals form a combination that can help with various gynecological diseases: breast tenderness PMS, menstrual disorders and can be affected, aches because chasteberry inhibits Prolaktinhaushalt [6]. Prolactin is a hormone that is primarily caused by stress. A high Prolaktinanteil in the blood can lead to, inter alia, an irregular period, endometriosis or infertility [7]. Chaste tree is therefore rumored that it can actually work wonders for a infertility.

    Its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and antibiotic effect makes chaste tree to a soothing woman herb for every day. [7] Chaste tree may taken as an extract, but also absorbed through the skin: In our period Cream The Hug code provides Vitex agnus castus for a warming and invigorating ritual.

    tea from wormwood in menstrual

    mugwort is the woman herb of choice when it comes to menstrual cramps. Especially with heavy menstrual pain, PMS, but also with an irregular or missed period mugwort can help. It provides relaxation and is pleasantly warming properties have [8] [9]. Therefore, highly recommended for menstrual tea from wormwood - in the truest sense of the word.

    But is still much more in the nondescript plant: The present in wormwood drugs are used successfully in anti-malarial drugs and treatment of blood cancer. Currently also run studies [10], the effectiveness of the plant extract against SARS-CoV-2 study.

    raspberry leaves for childbirth

    If you already have a pregnancy or behind you are in the middle, you might be already known this woman herb. Raspberry leaves are especially recommended as a tea in late pregnancy because they promote blood circulation and should thus stimulate contractions. Studies also suggest that raspberry leaves can reduce the risk that it interventions such as caesarean section is [11].

    Because of their hormone-regulating and antioxidant properties Frauenmanteltee and raspberry leaf tea are often recommended in combination [12] [13]. With Frauenmanteltee in the first and raspberry leaf in the second half of the cycle you can wonderfully help you naturally your cycle.

    St. John's wort for better mood

    This woman herb is said that it can lighten the mood. Actually resulted studies, can that the use of St. John's wort mild to moderate depression alleviate [14]. If you suffer from mood swings, you can make it part of your wellness program St. John gynecological disorders such as PMS or menopausal symptoms. Usually the woman herb is recommended as a supplement, but also as an ingredient of our period Cream The Hug code can hypericum serve your inner peace and balance. < / p>

    Accompanied you now a combination of Frauenmanteltee and raspberry leaf through your cycle or affects your menstrual tea from wormwood and yarrow best? This is out of you. One thing is certain: In women herbs is much healing potential for us women, without any synthetic and strong side effects. Let yourself be pampered by nature.


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