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Sustainability can be so beautiful: This Place packaging reflected by environmental friendliness

Unsere Mission 08.12.20 6 min. read

No matter which product you choose, all This Place products are uncompromisingly the same in one respect: they stand for high-quality plant-based ingredients and the conscious use of natural resources.


Article Contents:

Our packaging shows that the power of nature is a gift

When you first hold a This Place product in your hands, take a moment to examine it. You can already see with the naked eye that the sturdy outer packaging is not bleached pure white in the spirit of nature.

If you now run your fingertips over the surface, you will feel the light linear structure typical of the paper quality at This Place. As soon as you gently stroke the paper, you can feel it: it seems as if a wafer-thin film is enveloping the outer packaging.

Unpacking the This Place products is an exceptional experience, especially with our four creams. This allows you to open the cream packaging from three sides simultaneously. Paper boxes do not require glue.

While opening the top or bottom lid will surely remind you of standard packaging, extending it from the side shows appreciation. And towards you. Finally, unfolding to the side is reminiscent of unwrapping a gift. We think about the power of nature that inspires our formulations: it's a gift.

As you can see, the This Place packaging already leaves an impression. Undoubtedly a sustainable one. Because the paper is made of hemp, an environmentally friendly alternative to paper comes from wood.

 Sustainable product packaging

Why use paper made from hemp?

Hemp is not only resource-saving, durable, and easily recyclable. There are numerous other reasons why we have chosen the environmentally friendly pulp made from hemp. Hemp as a packaging material has numerous advantages.

Hemp fibers have significantly longer fibers than wood. They can therefore withstand higher loads and are more resistant to moisture. So if one of our products comes into contact with water, for example, in your cosmetics bag, it's no big deal.

In addition, about five times the amount of paper can be extracted from a hemp field compared to a forest.

As mentioned at the beginning, you can see that our vegan packaging is not bright white. Because This Place attaches great importance to the fact that significantly less bleach is used than is conventionally the case.

Notwithstanding these apparent benefits of the hemp-based outer packaging, four other priorities guided our use of this raw material. 


We rely on hemp paper...

... to reduce waste!

Seventy-eight kilograms – per capita! According to the Federal Statistical Office, this is how much packaging waste was produced in Germany in 2020—ascending trend.

The slim, resource-saving design is a first contribution to keeping waste volumes low. We refrain from bulky, heavy, or oversized packaging that only has a decorative purpose. We also continue with our aluminum tubes.

It is also crucial that you separate This Place products easily and as far as possible according to type. So you can put the outer packaging in the waste paper bin and unscrew the lid from our tubes before the empty tubes end up in the yellow bin—a simple action for you, a natural relief for the separation in the waste sorting plants.

This Place does not just start in private households; we consider the resource cycle. We work with Gmund Paper to manufacture our high-quality paper packaging. The company has generated less than 2 percent waste in paper production. In turn, 99 percent are fed back into the material cycle.


... to save drinking water!

Did you know that just producing one ton of conventional paper produces around 1000 liters of wastewater? For This Place, polluting or wasting drinking water is unthinkable. With an ozone cleaning system unique worldwide, our production partner guarantees that the water used during paper production is reused up to seven times - before it is then turned into drinking water in a recycling plant. And by the way, this system is mainly operated CO2-free by hydropower.


... to protect forests!

Remember five times the amount of paper you can get from a hemp field compared to a forest of the same size?

The protection of forests and tree stocks is vital to us. That is why we are proud that our paper packaging meets all the requirements for certification by the FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL®, the organization for globally recognized environmental and social standards in forests. You can recognize this by the FSC symbol on our paper packaging.

In this way, This Place ensures that our packaging does not endanger forests or tree populations worthy of protection. This Place can thus guarantee, among other things, that forest areas worthy of protection remain untouched, land rights are respected, and that the clearing of natural forests and illegal felling are combated.


... to save energy!

Saving resources also means being economical in energy consumption during production. For the production of This Place hemp packaging, 75 percent of the energy required comes from environmentally friendly hydropower, which our partner produces CO2-free itself.

Sustainable aluminium product packaging

Are aluminum tubes sustainable?

In addition to the design packaging made from hemp, the four bestselling creams for beauty, sleep, and pain relief comes in iconic aluminum tubes. You may be wondering whether this material is the right choice given the sustainability concept at This Place. After weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of different packaging materials such as glass or hard plastic, we answer this question with a resounding yes. Because aluminum meets the following requirements at the interface between environmental and product protection:


  • Aluminum tubes are unbreakable. This makes it your robust companion on the go or in a hectic everyday life where something can fall to the ground. In addition, you can easily store the tubes anywhere without tipping them over.
  • Due to the low dead weight, the transport of aluminum tubes saves CO2. And if the tubes are correctly disposed of in the yellow bin after unscrewing the lid, aluminum can be recycled. You can roughly imagine what that means when you learn that around three-quarters of the aluminum produced since 1880 is still used today, according to the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources.
  • Of course, there are no aluminum salts in the tubes. These are primarily used in antiperspirants. Irrespective of this, a wafer-thin special coating separates the creams from direct contact with the aluminum.
  • The tubes reliably protect the This Place creams from air or oxygen contact and sunlight. The product thus remains stable in terms of care effect, consistency, and quality.
  • Due to the small opening, only a little of the product comes into contact with your skin when removing the product. As a result, fewer microorganisms, such as bacteria or dirt particles, can get into the product. Thus, a minimum of preservative ingredients is sufficient and the shelf life of the cream is not shortened. This is especially important for products that you don't use every day, like our period cream, The Hug, or muscle relaxation cream The Blissful Day. For This Place, sustainability also means that you enjoy your product until you have used it up ultimately.


Sustainability inside and out at This Place

The sustainable use of resources at This Place is ultimately reflected in the plant-based ingredients. Here we consistently avoid petroleum products such as paraffinum liquidum (paraffins), petrolatum or vaseline, silicones such as dimethicone, (mineral oil-based) microplastics, or parabens preservatives such as methylparaben.

In this way, This Place prevents environmentally harmful and hardly degradable microparticles from petroleum and silicone from getting into the waste water when showering or removing make-up - and later possibly into the organism of animals and humans.

Parabens, some of which are said to have carcinogenic and hormonally effective properties, are also taboo at This Place. In our opinion, they should neither get into your body nor into the environment.

At the same time, all formulations at This Place are vegan. Another aspect that is of course sustainable at This Place.


In a nutshell

At This Place, sustainability is a synonym for responsibility - and as a brand for functional natural cosmetics, we take that on as a matter of course. Because in the 21st century, thinking that respects the environment and conserves resources is a must anyway, not a nice-to-have.

In line with our holistic approach, we rely on packaging that protects our high-quality products and is also as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We are convinced that this approach (has) convinced you as well.

This Place cooperates with partners whose expertise lies in sustainable packaging production while maintaining the most environmentally friendly production conditions possible.

Our (outer) packaging, products, and formulations are vegan and not tested on animals. Thanks to plant-based ingredients, we are helping to reduce the number of microparticles from mineral oil, silicones, microplastics, and parabens that can end up in wastewater and later in the environment.