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The Power Nap - balm for body and mind

This Place in your life25.01.21 4 min. read

At a glance: The Power Nap - balm for body and mind

  1. What is power napping?
  2. What science says to nap
  3. power nap - when and how long
  4. A pleasant setting for your reset code
  5. sleep begins in the mind
  6. sources

Between two tasks might get a coffee? And to tell briefly on the occasion, as the weekend was that? No problem. Napping at work? Rather unusual ...

"Listen to your body," says then more often. But our treatment of sleep usually speaks a different language. Too often we ignore our instincts, glorify fatigue sometimes as an expression of a busy, productive lives.

And we let some escape, because: Tired can be also be something beautiful. Given our hectic everyday life like the sound like a cruel joke, but it's true. Who does not know this magnificent demimonde - somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. And also that we often get the best and most creative ideas in this same state, probably the most able to confirm.

In Spain and Mexico holds one traditional siesta in the Arab world Qailulah [1]. But in Germany, we seem to have forgotten how wonderful sleep can be a day.

A little rest could therefore be the Stop button, after which we sometimes crave all of us. A peaceful island in the middle of the chaotic daily life. The place where we let go of everything and go back to our inside allowed. And who knows, perhaps we are on our return to the alertness to one or the other good idea rich


How good that it's never too late for new habits. Let us reclaim our nap - intuitively


What is power napping?

Whether nap, nap or power nap, they all mean a nap during the day. Since no fixed length is defined, your power nap can range from a few up to take 90 minutes.

The fact that we long outside at night for sleep, is caused physiologically. A look at the biorhythm shows: Morning and afternoon we are in best shape. In between our concentration drops. A study called this the time window from 12 to 16 am [2]. Exactly when the tiredness occurs with you, is dependent on many factors: the fact whether you are early risers and late risers, to your form on the day


What science says to nap

A Greek study looked at 23,000 men and women, holding their habits firmly to nap. Among those who took a siesta on a regular basis, the risk of dying from coronary heart disease, lower by 37 percent [3]. Researchers in Sweden found that even once or twice can nap per week reduce the risk of coronary heart disease [4]. And relaxed make Naps we may have to deal: You can just as effectively lower blood pressure, as it does, for example, a restriction of salt and alcohol intake [5]


power nap - when and how long

Studies suggest that early afternoon, the best time for a power nap is [6].

are considered ideal time for a power nap 10 to 30 minutes. 30 minutes or you could come already in the deep sleep phase and then may need longer to you you feel fit again.

Anyone who holds a nap regularly profited perhaps more of less drowsiness and increased cognitive function [6].

A pleasant setting for your reset

Unfortunately nap is with us often a luxury. Here, you need only for a few minutes as well as the appropriate environment. But the trend is positive: Meanwhile, make some employers specially provided relaxation rooms


A big advantage do you have of course if you work in the home office and the flexibility to take a little breather can.

Try to find a quiet place as possible for your nap. If the noise can not be changed in your area, you can also access earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. But even a thought of meditation can help you: Try to perceive your environment without judgment and to accept it as it is


Good conditions manage you also, by moving verringerst brightness. So you signalisierst the body to release the sleep hormone melatonin. A darkened room is suitable for good, but a sleep mask is even better. If you want to get up again, you return thanks to the ambient light gently and naturally back into the waking state. While your body will be monitored over time by itself, you should look to start setting an alarm yet.

Also rituals can you help to put you into a state of relaxation. Voice your senses one for example by pleasant smells on sleep. help you can sleep cream The Good Night you later in the day with your evening ritual faithful service guaranteed. Wear them gently on the forearms on, enjoy the calming and soothing Palo Santo flavor, and let you move for a few minutes in another world.

sleep begins in the head

Our mental state affects our sleep patterns crucial. When the Nap becomes another item on our to-do list that relaxation is rather low. Therefore, we represent the following:

I. Productivity also means self-care. Take your rediscover the freedom your focus and you take care of yourself.

II. In the beginning it is not the primary objective is to fall asleep. Be quite a while with you, in the pleasant warmth, silence and darkness. Enjoy it.

III. Habits are ideal, but life is not always predictable. Set out no rules burden you. Try to make the nap incorporated naturally into your daily life. Ultimately, it is simply a matter not to work in the long run against their own biorhythms.


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