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Why do we attach great importance to sustainable packaging

08.12.20 2 min. read

The short answer: Because we want to take responsibility and think that a holistic sustainable approach somewhere before the packaging stops - and because we think that you see the same.

Drinking save

We do not want that the production of our paper loaded drinking water or that this more water is needed than is absolutely consumed. For this, a unique ozone cleaning system is used. Which ensures that the water can be reused at our supplier up to 7 times. And before it finally produced in the reprocessing of drinking water, the water is purified in-house and discolored. This is not self-evident.

avoid waste

We do not want that through the production of our paper waste is produced more than is absolutely necessary. The production process was therefore optimized again and again, could be to the amount of resulting waste reduced by 80%. And from what is left over in the production of the paper to drop another 99% are recycled.

Protect Forests and trees

We do not want to be endangered by our packaging worthy of protection Forests and trees. Our packaging material is therefore certified FSC 100%. So we can make sure that worth protecting forest areas remain unaffected, land rights be respected and that the clearing of natural forests and illegal logging are controlled.

saving energy

We do not want more energy is consumed than is absolutely necessary. therefore Estimated 75% of energy requirements are all produced without CO2 with environmentally friendly hydropower itself.

shared responsibility

And of course, our packaging is completely vegan.

So instead to use much cheaper packaging and so perhaps a few more creams to sell, we have chosen this path. Because we want you do not have to ask you for purchasing our products, if sustainability is really lived here or stops in the packaging. Because it so that we are better off, and because we think that you see the same.

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