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Our Values

Unsere Mission 04.11.20 3 min. read

Values are the belief systems every human grew up with. It is based on the priorities that have been built over time through the influence of your surroundings and upbringing. We believe that despite the variety of personalities and characteristics, we all share a common denominator that connects us. 

Our Values

1. Self-care 

Self-care is most meaningful when it's connected to your values. It's no longer just a list of activities you copied from someone—your self-care to what you truly believe in. Thus, you are like a seed that was planted. You shower yourself with love and care. When it grows into a plant or even a tree, it doesn't bear fruit for itself. But the rest of its surroundings also benefit from it. It's the ripple effect of self-care. 

If you fail to care for yourself, you eventually wither and won't be able to give back as much as possible. In the more modern context, self-care is recharging yourself not only to look after yourself but also to contribute to the greater good. 

What responsibilities do we take for self-care? 

Self-care is not being selfish. On the contrary, it's allowing yourself to fill that empty cup so you can be more and give more. Humans are social beings, and we thrive amid other people. To live in harmony with other people and be successful in your own rite, you have to take care of yourself.

Looking at our values, we associate the importance of a self-care routine to it. We believe in allowing yourself to rejuvenate and grow as a person. This is the best way to get the most out of your skincare routine. 

In essence, if you connect your self-care with your values, you grow and develop as a person. Also, your routine becomes personal and easy to follow. It's no longer just a random list but sets of activities that profoundly resonate with you. You only live once, be intentional in your quest for self-nourishment by aligning them with these values. 

2. Connecting Back To Nature 

We're shifting the mindset away from over-the-counter offerings to a natural approach. You won't need a prescription for our products, as nature is available whenever you need it. 

We don't see natural remedies as a fad but rather an important perspective that caters to the overall wellness of a human being. Our products contain only natural ingredients. This approach transcends the treatment of physical ailments and goes even more profound than a mind-body experience. We seek not just to help you feel good but to address various aspects of human wellness. 

We're uncovering the root cause of imbalance, taking into account one’s physical, spiritual, and emotional state. Thus, you go away not just feeling better but by connecting your mind, body and spirit there is also an overall improvement in other aspects of your life. 

The reality is humans are not made of the body alone but mind, body, and soul. Genes and DNA passed on through parents are not the culprit of all the diseases in the body. More foreign entities have ruptured inside the human body, exposing it to possible risks.

Over-the-counter medicines are designed to suppress the symptoms, leading to more complications along the way. Chemicals can lead to horrific side effects that put the health at risk. 

In a world where people are subjected to high pressure from society, stress becomes a trigger to several complicated and infectious diseases. Factors such as negative attitude, lonesome, isolation, depression, high fat, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and a sedentary lifestyle further decrease the quality of your health, making you vulnerable to illnesses. 

This Place offers a way to deal with these stressors and help the body to recover rather than be dependent on the prescription drugs in the market. Taking on a holistic approach is being able to embrace every realm of a person. 

The goal is shifting from the band-aid solutions to preventive measures that’ll keep not only the current but even future generations leaning towards a natural way of eliminating and treating discomfort. 

3. Transparency 

Clean, high-quality products and true transparency created and delivered by experts. 

Our products are all made here at home in Berlin, Germany. We intentionally use all natural botanicals such as phytomelatonin and St. John’s Wort along with natural and unique aromas curated to deliver a soothing healing experience that uplifts the mind and body, daily. Paired with the latest development in CBD, this is the future of wellness.