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The Hug Ritual

Zeit für Self-Care 04.11.20 2 min. read

Nobody should live with pain or lose days of their lives on a monthly basis. Let's go over periods to understand what causes pain and see what can be done to ease if not completely resolve it.

Period pain can be very variable and may not occur throughout the entire duration of your period. The pain is usually caused as the uterus contracts to expel through the closed cervix. Most cases of period discomfort can be alleviated with simple natural remedies. Severe period pain is medically known as dysmenorrhea, and it can be caused by the period itself, or secondary to another cause. Secondary causes of menstrual pain include endometriosis, which is when the tissue or cells lining the uterus implant themselves elsewhere.

Menstrual pain affects women differently. Some women may feel little to no discomfort and some experience extremely painful cramps which can lead to being stuck in the bed.

How Can Rituals Help My Menstrual Blues?

Rituals are important because they're a break from the stresses and grind of everyday life. It gives us a chance to check in with and take care of ourselves. This isn't selfish, as long you're not using it as an excuse to avoid responsibilities or reality. It's just to have a short break and balance looking after everything/everyone else and looking after you.

Having a routine ritual to deal with menstrual discomfort can help you to see your period as less a monthly burden. We all have different needs, schedules and preferences, so the ritual itself will look different for everyone. Most of us already have created rituals for ourselves without even realizing it!

A ritual doesn't have to be complicated and should be enjoyable and relaxing or refreshing and energizing. I think the first two points above are self explanatory, but what do I mean by setting the scene? This is the most important part because the setup for certain activities IS the ritual.

The Hug: Monthly Ritual

If you're looking to create a powerful ritual during that time of the month, specifically, this could take many forms. As we mentioned above, whatever makes you most comfortable.

* Set aside a time where you won't be interrupted

* Have your special items/snacks set apart if possible and in visually appealing jars or appropriate storage containers

* Set the scene

The Ritual

Transform the ordinary task of product application into a time to connect with yourself. Stop, relax, and enjoy the ritual. To apply, warm a few dabs of the cream between your palms, close

your eyes, and place your head between your hands. Take deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing, and picture your utopia. When calm, massage this powerful blend on your face for at least two minutes. Support the process by concentrating on each breath. Follow its journey throughout your body to clear your mind.

How do you feel now? We would love to know.