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Test Now - #SleepWell

Test Now - #SleepWell

: relaxing sleep cream with Melatonin and CBD, ideal for your calming evening routine.

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Das Go for Glow Treatment bereichert Dein Hautpflege-Ritual um eine Gesichtscreme und zwei Gesichtsöle, die zu dir in der ikonischen Kosmetiktasche von Johanna Gullichsen kommen.

5 self-care steps to revitalized skin with your Go for Glow Treatment Set

Self-Care Step 1: Deliberately apply about 2 to 3 drops of the desired face oil in your clean palm.

Self-Care Step 2: Breathe in and out deeply.

Self-Care Step 3: Begin to gently spread the facial oil between your palms. This is how you gently heat the oil. Consciously draw your attention to the rich facial oil between your hands. Enjoy the light scents exuded by The Morning Glow and The Evening Glow.

Self-care Step 4: Spread the oil outwards from the center of your face with gentle pressure. Be careful not to pull the delicate skin under your eyes! From the chin to the chin line as well as from the bridge of the nose to the hairline, however, you can massage a little harder. This is how you promote blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin. During the facial massage, concentrate entirely on yourself and on noticing the signals from your body. Feel the light consistency of the oil glide over your skin.

Self-Care Step 5: Feel the relaxation set in. How do you feel now?

Our self-care tip: Of course, you can also integrate The Morning Glow into your evening ritual or try The Evening Glow for a radiant start to the day. Observe your skin's needs and choose the facial oil according to the desired effect.

Your experience is important to us! Let's share your ritual with your Go for Glow Treatment on Instagram!

Your extra care boost: Why should you combine face cream and face oil?

This is for sure: with a face cream that is tailored to the needs of your skin, you are already laying a solid foundation for a complexion that meets your wishes. But if you want to add an extra boost to your skin care ritual, it's worth combining it with a facial oil. The Morning Glow and The Evening Glow can be applied with This Place face cream The Glow as well as any other face cream. Depending on the ingredients, you can either enhance the effect of your face cream or enrich your basic care with additional valuable ingredients.
Especially if you have dry skin or dry skin areas, the extra care can positively support the effect of your face cream. Facial oils such as The Morning Glow and The Evening Glow can act as a light protective film to keep your skin moisturised for longer.
And with two drops of a face oil in your make-up, you can not only make it easier to apply and distribute the foundation, but also create a subtle glow on your made-up face.

Are the facial oils suitable for daily use?

Yes, the facial oils are suitable for daily use.
You can mix the desired facial oil directly with your facial cream or apply it on top of your face cream. If you apply the facial oil on top of other care products such as the moisturising face cream The Glow, the oil forms a protective film that keeps your skin from losing moisture for longer.


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