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Our organic CBD extract

01.12.20 4 min. read

What makes our Bio-CBD extract so special?

The sun-soaked hemp plants that form the basis of our cannabis extract mature, before the stunning panorama of the Swiss Alps approach until they are harvested in the traditional way by hand - just as the harvest can be ensured at the optimum time. Thus the quality thus generated is retained in the extract, an innovative extraction process is used, which makes the plant synergies to the full extent available.

Review: Why this effort

But why we put ever so much importance on which way the CBD created that enters our creams?

Because so unmanageable the amount of CBD-containing products one might happen seems all them at least one thing in common: They contain CBD.

But as it sounds then actually already on the similarities. Like the cannabidiol namely arises in the hemp plant as it is extracted from the plant and finally reaches the finished product - all that can happen in many different ways.

broad-based versus broad-spectrum extract vs. isolate

First, CBD products can then differentiate whether CBD was (thus isolate) used as a single agent or as an extract. In the extracts again the main difference is whether it is a full or a broad-spectrum extract. Both of these types of extract contain additional so-called phytochemicals next to the main ingredient CBD. In addition to fragrances and flavors, the terpenes, including to other cannabinoids and flavonoids found. So the full spectrum - in a "real" full-spectrum extract really should also be present in the extract all substances that are present in the plant. However, in practice this is rare and not always desirable. THC, for example, the intoxicating cannabinoid which is found in very small quantities in Nutzhanfsorten, do not want to have in their product, many users - not even a little bit. And although advertised for many products with a use of full spectrum extracts, you would have this correctly often described as broad-spectrum extracts. For an extraction that is so gentle, the stay actually get all the ingredients, is not easy.

What quality means to us?

Even if you could go here much deeper into detail, one is already clear: extract is far from equal extract. So the question arises: What makes a good extract? Or otherwise: what quality means in connection with hemp extract? And how

created the special quality of our extract?

Experience, Science, enthusiasm

The first priority is, as so often experience. Especially in agriculture long-standing practice is to replace the hardest currency, and neither study nor enthusiasm. It gets really exciting when all these things - experience, science and passion - meet. What can arise is true (craft) art.

So you can imagine our delight when we found among all the producers of hemp extracts on exactly this combination!

Tradition meets Innovation

On the Swiss organic farm grown hemp against the beautiful backdrop of the Alps for more than 15 years - indoors in the greenhouse, as out in the field.

Traditional methods such as harvesting by hand are combined with innovative approaches such as a particularly gentle extraction procedure and completed by a deep awareness of our connection to nature and the associated appreciation for what occurs in places - experience, science, enthusiasm.

organic quality - without THC, but with everything else

The result is a product of special quality - without pesticides, without foreign substances and mineral fertilizers. And that it is located with a THC content, is so low under the detection limit; because the THC is removed in a special process step during the extraction. All the other valuable components, which has the hemp plant to offer, are of course maintained. The extract used in our creams is therefore a broad-spectrum extract. And this is despite all the experience not mere conjecture, but is with regular independent laboratory tests repeatedly confirmed anew.

The extra mile ...

But a holistic understanding of quality includes the process quality addition to product. So not only the question of "what", but according to the "how".

And in this respect, nothing to be desired in which we use extract: The Hemp comes from certified organic farming - for pesticides and mineral fertilizers. Harvesting is done by hand without the use of heavy machinery, which can easily lead to irreversible soil compaction. Only in this way each drive can individually if and are harvested when its flowers are fully developed and contain the maximum amount of value-adding ingredients.

Quality has its price

But: Such a holistic quality comes at a price.

Because of course a mechanical harvesting would be cheaper. Even on such a complicated extraction could do without - at the expense of quality. And anyway we could make it easy for us, and use easy-effective CBD isolate our products. And yes, the prices of our creams would then certainly much lower... However, just as their quality.

And that is why we do what we do the way we do it - after all, you want to not so easy any CBD cream code, but can be confident that stays on the way from the field in the tube no good on the track and is added nothing unnecessary.

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