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Alternatives to expressions of pimples

Akne oder entzĂĽndete Pickel: Was hilft?16.03.21 3 min. read

There are things that we just can not leave - although we do not recommend that we actually know that we should not do it. Many find it as hard to do without Q-tips, although we advise against any otolaryngologist it.

The same is true for expressing inflamed pimples and blackheads.

And even if exactly the most appetizing topic is not - it affects us all. Therefore, today we want to explore whether there are not other ways to get at the troublesome companions.

At a glance: alternatives for expressing pimples

  1. Can you express pimples "right"?
  2. Warm compress instead of using pimples express
  3. ice against redness and swelling
  4. A long-term approach for pimples
  5. sources

Can you express pimples "right"?

So is expressing really fundamentally reject pimples? Or there is not a "right" way to do that?

In short, yes, there is.

The fact that but that is not so easy, is mainly due to high infection risk that arises when you yourself invests hand. And from such infections acne scars quickly. As so often in life goes here short-term gratification at the expense of long-term success.

The expressions of pimples should therefore be better left to professionals. Which can reduce the use of sterile equipment and matching the right technology, the risk to an absolute minimum.

However, there can be pimples also move in other ways to leibe; and we can even without special equipment or technology - and especially without scarring risk - relaxed test at home


Warm compress instead of using pimples express

Warm compresses can make sure that pimple open naturally: By selectively applied heat, the pores open in our skin. The pimples, or rather its contents may be accessed more quickly to the skin surface. This is true even if your pimples is deeper under the skin.

To try the self, take a clean (!) Washcloth or piece of cloth and dip it in warm water. The water should it as warm as possible, but not uncomfortably hot.

If you want to make the whole even more effective, you can a few drops of tea tree oil enter into the water - but be careful: Tea tree oil never use undiluted in excessive concentration!

The oil of the tea tree can provide a faster healing [1]. And if you like it, you can also enjoy more on the aromatic fragrance of the oil.

The warm compress You can then just for a few minutes on the affected area and repeat the whole place up to three times daily.

By the way: Instead washcloth or cloth you can also use a (fresh) bags of green tea. Scalding 'you fill in as normal a cup of tea and wait for warm until the removed bag, but is no longer hot.

Ice against redness and swelling

Even cold can be an ally in the fight against pimples. This is especially true when there is no more liquid in the pickle, the affected area is still red and swollen.

exposure to cold constricts the blood vessels in our skin. Swelling and redness can subside faster this way.

All we need is an ice cube. But beware: The ice never applied directly to the skin, otherwise it can cause frostbite! Between ice and the skin should always be a protective layer lie - a paper towel or a (clean) cloth are sufficient


The ice then simply hold for a few seconds directly to the affected area - pause briefly - and repeat. The whole thing just a couple of times to perform and be careful that the skin at the site is not uncomfortably cold.

Here too can use instead of a washcloth a bag green tea. Which should come but for this method from the refrigerator or freezer.

A long-term approach for pimples

So if we torture pimples acute, we should not want to apply the expressions without the right equipment and the necessary experience. So we avoid scarring and give the skin a chance to let the healing take place as smoothly as possible.

To be still not delivered completely helpless, we can do with the application of heat and / or cold remedy.

To avoid having to make us less in the future to worry about pimples, it may make sense to prevent the pimple formation. How this can be done, you will learn in our article: What helps against pimples?

If we must, however, around plague us with severe, persistent blemishes or acne, it makes perfect sense to draw a dermatologist for help here; which can then specify where appropriate, further advice or perform cosmetic cleansing.


[1] A comparative study of tea-tree oil versus benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne




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