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The advantages to be a Circle Member.

Exclusive Giveaways & Vouchers.

With your registration in the Self-Care Circle you automatically take part in exclusive raffles. And at the same time you will receive personalized vouchers.

Get free rewards.

You can collect seeds for purchases and activities. You can then redeem these seeds for rewards and surprises.

Early access to new products.

You will find out about new products before everyone else and have an exclusive opportunity to purchase new products first.

Once you have registered in the Self-Care Circle, you can collect Self-Care seeds, which you can redeem from ordering our products once you have reached a certain threshold. With every seed you collect, you let your personal self-care grow further - so you can develop from the self-care status "Self-Care Seed" to "Self-Care Offspring" and finally to "Self-Care Blossom".

Discover, seed by seed, how Self-Care can benefit you and make you bloom. Seeds will be credited to your account 30 days after you purchase a This Place product and can be redeemed in the course of a purchase. For every Euro you spend, you will receive 5 seeds. So with every purchase and every activity, for example when you sign up for our newsletter, your personal seed collection grows. You can find out more by scrolling down.

With your registration in the Self-Care Circle you automatically participate in exclusive raffles and receive personalized vouchers at the same time. You will hear about new products before anyone else and have exclusive first purchase rights. With the status "Self-Care Bloom" we give you the shipping costs for free.

Your Self-Care Status.



Self-Care Circle FAQ

  • What is The Self-Care Circle?

    This is our way of showing appreciation. You receive seeds for activities in our store. Activities include i.e. invitations to friends and purchases you make. You can use these seeds to earn discounts on purchases, the more seeds you collect, the more you save.

  • How can I participate?

    Anyone who creates an account is automatically enrolled.

  • How do I collect seeds?

    You can collect seeds for all kinds of activities, including referring friends who make purchases. To see all the ways you can earn seeds, scroll up a little until you see the activities.

  • Where do I see how many seeds I collected?

    You can view your seeds on the Self-Care Circle page when you are logged in, and in your account on the Self-Care Circle map at the bottom of the page.

  • How do I receive free rewards?

    On the Self-Care Circle page you will find all the products that you can redeem for seeds. To add a product to your shopping cart, you must be logged in and also have a paid product in your shopping cart.